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by Charlie Cooke,

First Published: 6 Feb, 2018

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Crufts is back again, and to celebrate this year’s event we decided to host our own take of the world’s most prestigious dog show. That’s right, we invited the lovely Fairfax & Favor team to bring their four-legged friends along to the office for a day of doggy delight and, well, slight destruction of our Headquarters.

Of course, we couldn’t decide amongst ourselves who the prized pooch should be, which is why we are taking the competition to social media, where you can vote for your favourite tail-wagger. The rules are simple: the gorgeous pup that wins the most votes will be crowned…

To find out a little more about our adorable office companions, have a little read of their bios and then vote for your favourite.



Meet the cuddly Cockapoo who has been known to get away with murder. As a permanent member of staff here at HQ, Digby is well accustomed to office life. Once he has clocked off, he enjoys nothing more than his tennis ball being lobbed over and over by his very patient humans. Digby is used to his name being up in lights, having snatched the win from fellow doggy contestant Pollo in the ‘Cutest Dog Competition’ back in 2016. Being the loveable scruff that he is, we can see why!



Alfie, the Border Terrier, seems to be needy by nature. In fact, he’s so needy, he only ever snoozes a human bed, never his own. Once satisfied that he has received his sufficient quota of cuddles, Alf is a dog of impeccable taste and enjoys nothing more than eating freshly cooked chicken courtesy of his human. Some may say that Alf is a little spoilt, but we don’t mind because we can’t get enough of the little chap.



Moose: the lovable Labrador who relentlessly strives for a spoiling. He will play with anything he can get his gangly paws on, be it Digby’s ball, a mere disintegrating twig, or preferably his older- slightly less patient Lab brother, Toby. It would appear however, that despite his obvious size, all Moose really wants is to be a lap dog. This dog has no real concept of personal space, but his sheer determination means he will no doubt always find a way to be cuddled up on his (squished) human. Moose, you are just ‘Labradorable’!


Product Development

Due to his dashing good looks and ravishing red locks, Pollo the Cocker Spaniel has featured in countless campaigns in the star canine role. As a result, some have suggested the fame has gone to his beautifully framed head, as his need to be the centre of attention would imply. Pollo howls the house down should he be so unfortunate to hear the slight utter of another dogs name… don’t worry though, Pol, we still love you.


Customer Service

Ever heard of a Chug before? No? Us neither. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to this sensational little dog with an incredible case of small man syndrome. Of course, he thinks his bite is worse than his bark but, in reality, all he truly cares about is his squeaky sausage toy… and sleeping. Awwww, bless his little teeny face.


Customer Service

Lord Sherlock Balthazar O’Rourke - or Sherlock as he is known to the likes of you and me - is a sassy Basset Hound with an attitude that’s characteristically known to throw a tantrum before going for walkies. He is, however, a big advocate for personal hygiene and will even offer humans a complimentary ear-cleaning service whether you want one or not; how delightful.


Customer Service

With her impeccable breeding, outstanding intelligence and strong hunting instinct, Pippa has all the qualities to be outstanding in her field as a tip-top Gundog. However, Pip decided to peruse a slightly alternative career path, preferring to use her intelligence for overall disobedience, which involves the likes of chasing seagulls and jumping out of open windows. Nonetheless, she is the most adoring affectionate dog. In a nutshell, we think Pip is ace.



Yes, you may have noticed that Pekoe is not strictly a dog… But who cares! This loveable bundle of perfectly preened fluff has touched our hearts. Having rescued her from a dilapidated barn as a wee kitten, her human now devotes her time to spoiling this cuddly kitty. In the comfort of her own home, Pekoe enjoys an active lifestyle. As for her perfect day, well, that would be curtain climbing followed by jumping into a bubbly bath.

So, now you’ve met the lineup, all you need to do is decide which of our gorgeous dogs (and cat) has won the battle for your heart, and then head over to our Facebook page and get voting!

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