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Gamefair 2016 - Highlights

“We couldn’t believe the reaction we have had to our company and we want to say thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey and supported us, customers, friends and colleagues alike.”
- Marcus Fairfax Fountaine

“Our customers are everything to us, and we wouldn’t be anywhere today without them. We are so humbled to watch our business grow because of them and to see how much our products are truly liked.”
- Felix Favor Parker

Country Classic Meets City Modern



  1. Established in 2013 by childhood friends, Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, Fairfax & Favor has descended upon the footwear industry as a luxury, British-born lifestyle brand. Designed as a line of footwear and accessories with a commitment to innovation in craftsmanship and design, Fairfax & Favor aims to create a timeless, fashion investment in every piece.
  2. With headquarters based in rural Norfolk but maintaining a firm foot in the City, a value heavily emphasised throughout the brand and it’s products, Fairfax & Favor creates quality footwear for bridging the gap between formal and casual attire alike whilst epitomising accessible luxury for all. From the signature ‘Regina’ boot to a classic, heritage range of men’s loafers, the brand holds its values true in bringing style, heritage and creativity to create an all-encompassing lifestyle collection.
  3. Fresh out of University and brimming with ideas of creating a business together, the ambition was to embark upon a line of handcrafted leather boots of an exceptional quality at an accessible price- for old and young alike- bringing to the market a truly unique concept. The question was where to begin.
  4. Pooling the last of their savings, the boys flew to Spain and sourced a small selection of what would be the first ‘Regina’ boot. Somehow, managing to convince a prestigious factory to accept their order- something far below the usual minimum quantity supplied by the factory, the duo crossed their fingers and hoped that the upfront payment of everything they had would appear 2 months later back in Norfolk in boot-form.
  5. On arrival, using the attic as their stockroom, the boys chose the retail avenue as their first port of call however shops were not interested in stocking the young brand. With no idea what to do and fast running out of cash but believing that they had something special, the boys secured a last minute pitch at the local Holkham Country Fair.
  6. The event was a success, which saw them sell enough to pay for their next show and so forth. They have not looked back since and continue to hold the show market as one of their strongest, attending and exhibiting at over forty shows a year across the UK and having recently also dipped into the European market.
  7. Three years on, Fairfax & Favor has expanded to a multi-channel shopping destination. Alongside the show circuit, the collections are also distributed through almost 50 wholesale accounts, as well as shipping worldwide online and having a huge international client basis. The flagship Fairfax & Favor showroom is based in their headquarters in Norfolk and is available to visit by appointment.
  8. Not ones to rest on their laurels, or loafers, the team at Fairfax have continued their hard work and aside from trading across the country, maintain a busy office and continue to build and develop their collections. Felix and Marcus are ambitious and innovative in their approach, striving to consistently achieve excellence in their product lines, and holding product development as one of their highest priorities.
  9. They are reflective of the brands country roots, whilst broadening their field of inspiration to continue expanding the line. Pride and care is taken in every aspect of development, with attention to detail down to the smallest parts, the signature Fairfax & Favor Shield is recognizable as a trademark in all products.
  10. As the label has evolved, it has remained strongly connected to its core values and holds the customer, as it’s highest priority. On entering into Fairfax & Favor you are treated to not just a product but to an experience. The Fairfax & Favor personality is synonymous with its founders; combining qualities of fun, humour and a welcoming manner. The brand prides itself on its entire team holding these values true and treating all customers as age-old friends whilst ensuring they also benefit from superior product and trend knowledge, with a thorough understanding on achieving the perfect fit.
  11. It is not uncommon to find Felix & Marcus chatting and showing customers their latest prototype as who better to offer opinion, all while sipping a perfectly mixed G&T or a glass of champagne. Encompassing the customer is a huge part of aiming to make the brand fun to experience in every way. The brand has recently been seen gracing many fine pairs of feet in horse inspections nationwide and the celebrated signature collection is now favoured by many a stylish women and celebrities alike.
  12. Fairfax & Favor also aim to encompass their values for customer interaction on an online level through their social media and marketing platforms. Models for every Fairfax & Favor campaign are chosen from Facebook and Instagram followers as whom better to be the face of the brand than the customer? Competitions are also run frequently to keep the company as involved with the customer as possible.


In 3 short years, we’ve grown from two childhood friends, fresh out of university with huge ambitions to a multi-channel shopping destination with shows up and down the country, worldwide sales and almost 50 wholesalers.

Here’s to the next 3 years...


We’re proud and delighted to announce we successfully raised £13,691.31 for Breast Cancer Care in 2016.

Promoting and selling pink tassels to raise awareness and support this great cause, we beat our target of £10,000.

100% of all proceeds went to the cause, and it’s a huge thanks to our customers for supporting us in this.

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Whether we’re chatting with the customer over a G&T at a show, engaging with them on social media, helping them on the phone or we’re doing a photoshoot with our Facebook or Instagram followers, our customers are our world - we’re always listening and always keen to help and give them the best product possible.

As the label has evolved, it has remained strongly connected to its core values and holds the customer, as it’s highest priority.