A Fairfax & Favor Guide to Summer Events 2022

A Fairfax & Favor Guide to Summer Events 2022
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by Charlie Cooke,

First Published: 11 Apr, 2022

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As we familiarise ourselves with Spring and get ready to welcome the Summer, here at Fairfax & Favor we realise that we are not only looking forward to the warmer temperatures and longer days. We are also getting ready to book up our social calendars and attend some of the Best British Summer events to date.

‘Thrilling’; ‘stylish’; ‘quintessentially British’ just three of the adjectives used again and again to describe these events. However, as a company that started its journey by selling at county fairs, shows and equestrian events, we also recognise the importance of community. For this reason, we really can’t wait to be back, firstly to catch up with you, our loyal customers and secondly to see all of you showcasing your Fairfax & Favor products. Whether you have already secured your place at Badminton Horse Trials in May or prepared your outfit for Burghley in September. We have all the information you need to put your best foot forward or your best boot forward. We hope to see you there!

Badminton Horse Trials

Badminton Horse Trials

When: 4-8 May 2022

Where: Gloucestershire, Badminton Estate.

What: One of the toughest and most exciting equestrian events.

First stop of the season is the Badminton Horse Trials. This prestigious event is a highlight for us both because of its 5-star rating and secondly because we are proud to work with some of the talented riders that will be competing. We hope you have your place secured and you are ready to attend one of the most thrilling events of the year. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our boots in the ‘trot up’ and come visit us for your Spring essentials.

Fairfax & Favor style tips: With a lot of walking and unpredictable weather, the Boudica would be a great choice for the Badminton Horse trials. The new Nubuck Boudica in Navy would work beautifully with a navy Finsbury Cross Body - practical by being hands free yet super stylish. To complete the navy ensemble and taking into consideration the English weather, a Charlotte Gilet would be a great layering piece.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: YES!

Rockingham Horse Trials

Rockingham Horse Trials

When: 20-22 May 2022

Where: Rockingham, Rockingham castle.

What: Rockingham castle excellent competition with Fairfax & Favor as title sponsors.

As proud sponsors of the Rockingham Horse Trials, we cannot wait to attend the picturesque park with its renown views of Wellend Valley and Rockingham Castle. With a weekend full of Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country, there is an event for everyone. Drawing closer to the certainty of blue skies and sunshine, this may be your first chance to bag some of our new spring/summer products.

Fairfax & Favor Style tips: Seeing as we have a whole family of products named after the wonderful Rockingham Castle, it’s a given that the Knee-High Rockingham would be the ideal boot to showcase at the Rockingham Horse Trials. Pair it with the Highcliffe Saddle bag and you will be set for a day walking around the cross country and shopping village.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: YES!

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

When: 24-28 May 2022.

Where: The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London.

What: Formally known as ‘the Great Spring Show’, this event runs for five days in May.

Returning at the heart of Springtime, the Chelsea Flower Show is set to appease all your senses, with its breath-taking colourful displays and floral scents. This carefully curated event is set to not only add a splash of colour to your day, its delicately put together displays are also designed to both inspire and educate. Amongst the ensembles of floral displays there is so much to do, from exploring the shopping village to indulging in the fantastic food and drink.

Fairfax & Favor Style tips: Opting for a classic look, the Henley in Tan paired with a classic Mini Windsor would be a great option for the Chelsea Flower Show. To add a fun twist to your outfit, why not add our Boot Tassels to a pair of tall boots to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: NO

Bramham International Horse Trials


When: 9-12 June 2022

Where: West Yorkshire, Bramham House.

What: One of the most idyllic events set in the rolling hills of Yorkshire.

Predicted to be coming back with a bang, Bramham International Horse Trials is set to be bigger than ever with altered layouts and a surplus of trade stands. From experience Bramham is one of the most picturesque events that we attend, with its timeless surroundings and architecture. Whether you are attending with your family or friends, Bramham is the perfect event to submerge yourself in the Great British Countryside.

Fairfax & Favor Style tips: An Alexandra trainer would be a great choice for a jam-packed day at Bramham, comfy yet still super smart and stylish. Another item which is perfect for a hassle-free day is the Windsor backpack – spacious and hands-free.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: YES!

Royal Ascot

When: 14-18 June 2022.

Where: Ascot Racecourse, Ascot.

What: An annual flat racing meeting held for five days in June.

Renown across the globe, Royal Ascot attracts many of racings finest horses. It is also equally synonymous with stylistic elegance, with its exquisite fashion - we are picturing an array of colour and headgear creations that depict the luxury of the Royal Ascot. ‘Be a part of the drama’ (Royal Ascot), an invitation from the Royal Ascot that is too hard to turn down.

Fairfax & Favor Style tips: The Royal Ascot is all about making a statement, in a subtle and sophisticated way. Our Daisy heels do exactly this, available in two colour ways – Red & Navy or Tan & Navy. Pair the Daisy heels with a Mini Loxley and you will be set for a day of watching the races.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: NO

Royal Highland Show

Royal Highland

When: 23-26 June 2022.

Where: Royal Highland Centre, Scotland.

What: A four-day event that showcases the best food, farming and rural life throughout Scotland.

The Royal Highland show is renown for its array of events, whether that be the competitions, livestock or food stalls, there is something to suit anyone or any family. We plan to follow suit. Sticking to our town and country motto, we believe that we have a collection that has something for your country pursuits and/or your city endeavours.

Fairfax & Favor Style tips: Whilst in Scotland, the Belgravia ankle boot would be the perfect boot of choice. Pair it with the Mini Loxley cross body bag and the Hampton belt for a smart casual look.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: YES!


When: 27 June – 10 July 2022.

Where: Wimbledon, London.

What: The oldest tennis tournament in the world.

Wimbledon, or the championships, is widely regarded as the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. By far it is the longest event to date, with a two-week schedule jam-packed with thrilling tournaments and matches. Wimbledon offers a chance to connect with the players and experience an atmosphere like non-other. Whether you are dipping in and out or planning to attend the entire event, Wimbledon is set to be one of the highlights of your social calendar.

Fairfax & Favor style tips: There are two ways that you can approach Wimbledon. Firstly, you can opt for a more casual look and pair the Alexandra trainers with a Tetbury bag. Or you can opt for a more statement look and pair the Daisy heels with a matching Highbury clutch. Both have our seal of approval and most importantly combine style and practicality.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: NO

Henley Royal Regatta

When: 28 June -3 July 2022

Where: River Thames, Henley-on-Thames.

What: The six-day rowing event that takes place every year on the river Thames.

The Henley Royal Regatta is without a question the best-known Regatta in the world and a highlight of both the summer sporting calendar and the social season. The Regatta is the perfect excuse to venture out into the Great British countryside – on a summer’s day nothing quite compares to the picturesque scenery of the river Thames. Attracting visitors from all over the world, this thrilling and stylish event is not one to be missed.

Fairfax & Favor style tips: With comfort and style in mind, the Monaco wedge would be a perfect option for a day watching the rowing. This can be styled with a matching Finsbury bag, which is perfect for practicality with its statement crossbody strap.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: NO

The Game Fair

Game Fair

When: 29-31 July 2022

Where: Raghley Hall, Warwickshire.

What: A three-day event that celebrates the Great British Countryside.

In the peak of summer, we will be kicking of this three-day event by carefully putting together our biggest trade stand of the entire year. We recognise that for some of you, The Game Fair is the highlight of your social calendars. Therefore, we plan to make it memorable. Be prepared for an even larger display, more entertainment and most importantly more boots. Watch out for our competitions and a new feature for 2022.

Fairfax & Favor style tips: Pair the Tan & Navy Salcombe with the matching Tan & Navy Mini Windsor. The Game Fair has a reputation of being super warm, so the deck shoes will be the perfect smart casual shoe, with the added bonus of them being super comfortable.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: YES!

Burghley Horse Trials

When: 1-4 September 2022

Where: Stamford, Burghley House.

What: A shopper’s paradise and one of the most technical equestrian events of the year.

Finishing with the Burghley Horse Trials, our final big equestrian event of the year. Be prepared for a new trade stand for a new year. This 5-star event is renown as one of the toughest and most competitive events of the year. Whether you are there to place a bet or explore the curated shopping village, there is something for all. Style is key at Burghley, so don’t forget to tag us in your photos, for a chance to be featured in our Burghley spotted.

Fairfax & Favor style tips: The classic combination of the Heeled Regina, Windsor bag and Elizabeth Gilet all in matching suede tones would be your quintessential Burghley look. A fun styling tip for the Regina’s would be to match your tassels to your outfit to tie your whole outfit together.

Do Fairfax & Favor have a trade stand at this event: YES!

Make sure to tag us in any of your photos at the events you attend - we can't wait to see you there this summer!

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