Fairfax & Favor for Breast Cancer Now

Fairfax & Favor for Breast Cancer Now
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by Charlie Cooke,

First Published: 30 Sep, 2021

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Luxury country brand Fairfax & Favor have recently released their annual collection in support of Breast Cancer Now. I met with in-house designer, Lauren Price, to discuss this year’s Breast Cancer Now pieces. You can donate to Fairfax & Favor’s Breast Cancer Now campaign here.

In the last five years, Fairfax & Favor have raised a staggering £99,189 for Breast Cancer Now with their annual breast cancer pink collection. This year’s collection was released on 2nd October, and has already raised over £125,000 - taking the company total to £220,000 donated to Breast Cancer Now.

Sitting down to discuss this year’s collection with in-house designer Lauren Price, I begin by asking why Breast Cancer Now is such an important cause for Fairfax & Favor. “Both of the founders of Fairfax & Favor, Marcus and Felix, have had family members affected by breast cancer” Lauren explains, “so it’s an important cause for them. Fairfax & Favor is also a predominantly female-orientated, and female-supported brand. Many of our customer’s lives have been touched by breast cancer in some way, and so it’s a charity that is very close to all of our hearts.”

Each October, Fairfax & Favor release a small collection of pink breast cancer-focussed pieces. Last year saw the release of a pink Mini Windsor Bag and Hampton Belt, as well as Fairfax & Favor’s signature Boot Tassels. Lauren tells me that the tassels are released in a slightly different shade of pink for Breast Cancer Now each year. “Our customers love the tassels. I love them, I collect them in all sorts of colours. Changing the shade of pink each year keeps as many people as possible involved in the effort to support Breast Cancer Now. All of our tassels have the Fairfax & Favor shield. Normally, the swords on the shield are navy blue. This year we went for enamel pink on the swords to match the breast cancer pink.”

As well as the tassels, this year Fairfax & Favor have also released their Signature Tassels and best-selling Regina boot in pink.

“The Regina is our best-selling boot, and it was one of our first products. Felix had the idea to make the Regina pink. We all thought he was mad at first, but the Breast Cancer Now collection is also so successful that it made sense to adorn our number-one selling boot in the breast cancer pink! The boots sold out in two minutes. A lot of the women who have bought them have struggled with breast cancer – or know someone close to them who has – and so it means a lot to them. Women wear them with pride, it’s a really powerful message. It’s very personal to a lot of our customers – the boots are representative of an important statement.”

“We also decided to release the Signature Hat in pink this year” Lauren tells me. “We went with the cap because it’s affordable, wearable, and gets a wider audience involved. It’s a very accessible piece. To buy the tassels you need to have a pair of our boots. So the cap is a really affordable way to get support the charity.”

Lauren tells me that the staff have a ‘wear it pink’ day on Friday 23rd October, to raise money and awareness amongst the team. “The person with the most pink on gets a prize on the day! The whole team really enjoys getting involved with the charity projects.”


Breast Cancer Now is not the only charity that Fairfax & Favor have supported. In 2019, they released a collection for Remembrance Day, in support of Help For Heroes. In April 2020, Fairfax & Favor released the Signature Cap and Boot Tassels in NHS blue - with 100% of the items’ profits being donated to NHS charities. In fact, Fairfax & Favor donated 10% of all of their profits in April, across all products, to NHS charities - raising over £105,000 for NHS charities. You can still donate to Fairfax & Favor’s Covid-19 appeal.

Following the success of this year’s Breast Cancer Now range, I’m keen to know what Fairfax & Favor have in store for next year. “We need to go even bigger next year!” Lauren tells me. “Every year becomes more successful than the last – and so we want to keep our customers excited. The goal is to raise as much money as possible for Breast Cancer Now, so we’re always thinking of new ways to get our customers involved. We want to make products that our customers love. Working with charities, while making our customers happy, is wonderful.”

Lauren goes on to explain that the success of this collection, as well as Fairfax & Favor’s previous charity collections, could not be possible without the support of their wonderful customers. “We’re so grateful to everyone who supports our charity pieces. We’re so pleased that people want to support Fairfax & Favor, while supporting a great cause. It means so much to us, it’s really special.”

There’s still time to donate to Fairfax & Favor’s Breast Cancer Now campaign.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK. One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes.

It is important to check your breasts regularly and visit your GP if you notice anything unusual.

Donate to Fairfax & Favor’s Breast Cancer Now campaign to fund life-saving research.


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