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Who are Fairfax & Favor?
How do I order a brochure?
How do I unsubscribe?
What is the Fairfax & Favor Club?

Popular FAQs

Where can I find my Nearest Stockist?
What are the differences between the Narrow, Regular and Sporting Fits?
Do you offer Blue Light Discount?
Tell me about postage costs
My Order hasn't been Delivered - What do I do?
What do I need to know about fitting the Foot/ ankle?
What do I need to know about Fitting the Calf?
What are your Returns Requirements?
Can I Return Something to your Stores?
How Do I Return something for Refund or Exchange?


How do I create an Account?
I can’t access my Account
Do I need an Account to purchase online?


Can I place an order over the phone?
How do I order online?
What payment methods do you take?
Can I cancel or Change an order?
How do I track my order?
I can’t find my order in my account


Do you offer discounts?
How do I apply a discount?
Can I use a discount when purchasing with a gift card?
My discount code didn’t work!


The Item I want is out of stock!
The product I want needs a password, what do I do?
How do I know if something will be restocked?
What are your limited and special editions?
Do items go on sale?


How can I pay online?
I’m having problems paying online
How do I pay with Klarna?
Can I change my payment method once I’ve ordered?

Gift Cards

How long do gift-cards last?
Can I use a gift-card online?
Can I use a gift-card at your stores or events?
I can’t find my gift card!
My gift-card isn’t working!
How do I buy a gift-card?
Can I send a gift-card to someone?

Our Stores & Stockists

Our Helmsley Store
Our Stamford Store
Our Holt Store
Where are your Stockists?
Can I return or exchange an item bought from a stockist?
Can I return or exchange an item bought from your stores?

Our Events

Which events are you doing?
Can I return or exchange an item bought from an Event?
How do I apply to work at events?