Women's Accessories

Cute caps, beautiful belts, perfect purses… Complete a polished look with must-have women’s accessories that put the finishing touch on every outfit.

The Chiltern Coin Purse - Plum & Navy (Store Exclusive) The Chiltern Coin Purse - Plum & Navy (Store Exclusive)
The Signature Hat - Green The Signature Hat - Green
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Women's Accessories

Embrace every season with confidence and style, courtesy of Fairfax & Favor's exquisite collection of women's accessories. Whether it's a rainy day or a sunny one, we have you covered. Shield yourself from the rain with our elegant Signature Navy Umbrella, ensuring you stay dry in utmost sophistication. When the sun shines, our Signature Hat adds a touch of glamour to your ensemble, making you the epitome of effortless chic. Complete your look by coordinating your favorite boots with our matching Sennowe belt and Salisbury purse, exuding a sense of refined coordination that is sure to turn heads. For your furry companion, don't forget to adorn them with a Fitzroy Collar, showcasing their impeccable style alongside yours. And when it comes to keeping your tassels in top shape, our Signature Tassel Stand is the ultimate solution for tiptop tassel tidying. Be prepared for anything and express your unique style with our meticulously crafted accessories. It's time to make a statement and let your personality shine with our exceptional range of women's accessories. Trust us, with Fairfax and Favor women's accessories, you'll be turning heads and stealing the show - so go ahead, treat yourself to some playful and stylish accessories today!

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