How to Bring Summer into the Colder Months

How to Bring Summer into the Colder Months
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by Natasha Parker,

First Published: 22 Aug, 2022

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Don't put your Summer clothes away! We've got you covered.

It may be impossible to imagine, as the days continue to be unbearably hot in the UK, but at some point soon and in true British fashion we’ll be complaining about the cold again. As much as this year (with highs of 38 degrees!) has occasionally been a little overwhelming, we at Fairfax & Favor are going to rather miss the chance to dress up for the sunshine once it’s gone.

Knowing that we often share thoughts and minds with our incredible customers, we decided to put together a collection of tips as to how you can use Fairfax and Favor pieces to can take the Summer with you, at least into the frostier side of Autumn. After all, style is as much about manifesting joy as it is about anything else, so who says you can't manifest a little sunshine?

Lean into Subtle Textured pieces with the Apsley Loafer

Summer to Winter

Images by @style_by_blake and @_emilyjayyne.

Bonus points if you can nab a statement handbag, but the core idea here is to find clothes that are warm enough to keep out the chill and that also convey a Summery light-heartedness in their detailing. Think anything embroidered, matching pattern sets, or an oversized T-shirt dress with chunky earrings.

We love this style for work outfits, with the Apsley loafers offering a smart-casual energy that gives you the opportunity to play with texture and pattern.

Tights, tights, tights, tights (and oversized, open cardigans)

Summer to Winter

Images by @countrygirlcoastaltown and @_libbybrine_

It may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but the simplest step between Summer and Winter fashion comes in the form of stretchy yarn.

Sometimes dressing for colder days involves just a little too much thinking for your early morning, and it is on these days that black tights and oversized jumpers are ready to save you. You can keep wearing whatever it is that you were wearing in the Summer, and if you combine it with a pair of Fairfax & Favor boots (literally, any of our boots…) you are ready to rock the day in style and comfort.

Think Mini Skirts and Silk Scarves, with any Tall Suede Fairfax & Favor Boots

Summer to Winter

Images by @notquiteatownie and @ellies_outfits_

Keep those gorgeous legs out and about! There is no need to put away your mini-skirts as the cold sneaks in, especially when you’ve spent the last few months working on a ‘from the actual sunshine’ tan. Any skirt in Autumnal colours is fair game long after the sun has gone, and a longer pair of boots such as the Amira or Regina will ensure that you get the maximum ‘tan out’ to ‘warm legs’ ratio possible.

If it’s chilly enough that you need a warmer coat, be sure to go for one that doesn’t extend longer than the skirt does, and throw in a pale silk scarf and a cross-body bag such as the Loxley.

Never Forget the Magic of a Long-Sleeved Summer Dress

Summer to Winter

Images by @JESSYCOWLGIRLL and @romy.zim

It is hard to think of any other single fashion item that brings so much confidence with so little effort as a Summer dress, and we refuse to limit its joy-bringing power to a few months of the year. Fortunately, with strategically-chosen thermals and tights, a long-sleeved ‘Summer’ dress can be turned into an ‘almost any weather’ dress. Be sure to stick with pastel or neutral colours, especially if you then need to layer up further such as by adding a Madeline gilet in taupe over a longer white or pale blue dress.

We have to admit that we are especially in love with the combination of a long summer dress with chunky boots, such as the Boudica. And the maxi dress is having a major comeback, with designers around the world leaning into longer skirts for every season, so now is the perfect time to give it a go.

“Layer” from the Floor Up and Skin Out to Keep Your Favourite Summer Items in Play

Summer to Winter

Images by @_girlinthecountryy_ and @audsfashioninspo

So you want to wear your favourite smart, midi Summer piece, but it’s difficult to layer without looking rather like a stick of candy floss (nothing much happening at the bottom, and a lot of fluff on top). The trick is to think of layering not just as “how many layers do I need between my skin and the cold” but also “how many layers can I play with between the floor and the sky”.

Start with longer boots (once again, the Amira or Regina come into their own at this point), and then your signature summer piece, whether it’s a playsuit, shorts, or a floaty little dress. A high-waisted Sennowe belt works wonders here, as it continues the long line of the boots. When it comes to coats, we love something that has a sharp baseline either a little higher or a lot longer than your main outfit. Finally, play around with softer scarves and hats, and complete the outfit with a smaller handbag.

Summer to Winter

Image by @hayleykinzevans

PS: if the weather is simply too cold to think of anything vaguely light, short, or floaty, wear your thickest, warmest clothes all you want; if you have a Windsor mini handbag in cheery Cornflower Blue or Mango Suede, you’ll always be carrying sunny skies with you.

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