With Crufts here for another week of doggy delight, at the Fairfax & Favor HQ we are welcoming the return of the Fairfax & Favor Best in Show Competition, where you our trusty followers will take to social media to vote for which one of our adoring office pooches will nab the title for 2019.

In celebration of our newly embraced new annual tradition, we are overjoyed to launch the Fitzroy Dog Collar; embellishing the necks of pampered pooches everywhere with a touch of Fairfax & Favor.

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This year, the competition is well and truly hotting up; it really is a whole different ball game. With several new furry faces in the mix, the field is wide open. Read a little more about our six contestants below, then head straight over to our Facebook page and cast your vote by liking the photo of your favourite Fido!


Unmistakably the smallest, smoochiest sausage in the whole history of office dogs. Seriously, who can resist him?! This little bundle of joy is a self-proclaimed prince. He must be carried, (mainly to avoid being squashed by stomping feet) however he is more than happy to take on dogs over 50x his size in regular playfights- emphasis on regular, this little dog does not have an off button!


Introducing Blu, the Frenchie with an attitude as big as his ears! As a young pup, Blu’s troublesome tendencies often get the better of him, frequently resorting in his owner carefully coaxing foreign objects from his snuffling snout; anything from staples, pen lids and general office stationary to lumps of coal… everything is a tasty treat in Blu’s opinion! Despite his apparent bottomless steel stomach, Blu is a certainly a big charmer in the office who loves nothing more than a fuss and a cuddle.


Another familiar face making a comeback for 2019 is Digby. Officially the longest standing mutt-member of staff at HQ, this Cockapoo is no stranger to Fairfax & Favor life. Since his appearance in last year’s competition, Digby has brushed up his appearance, sporting a slick new short back and sides. Day to day, Digby can be found in the office stuck firmly next to his owner’s side, but with his slight penchants for bubble wrap, is sadly banned from the packing room.


Despite fierce rivalry in last year’s competition, perfect Pippa melted the hearts of our Facebook followers, consequently raking in the votes and clinching the crown for the prestigious title of Fairfax & Favor Best in Show. A year on from her heroic victory, Pippa has mellowed out somewhat. Now, rather than creating chaos in the office, this soppy spaniel prefers the finer things in life such as scenic walks along Holkham beach. Will Pippa retain her title for another year?


At first impressions, Reggie is just your typical laid back, lazy Labrador who enjoys nothing more than spending his days snoozing away in his kennel. Do not be deceived though, the moment the shooting seasons rolls around, this handsome chap displays a drastic new lease of life, springing straight into action out in the field. On the odd occasion however, when Reggie’s enthusiasm gets the better of him, the selective hearing kicks in often resulting in him pinching game from other pegs…well, not everyone is completely perfect!


With her dainty long legs, and petite pointed features, this pretty Whippet should in theory, be the definition of doggy elegance and sophistication. However, in reality, Fig is sadly none of the above. Instead, she utilises her uncoordinated long limbs to hoon around the office at speed, using her piercing puppy gnashers to cling onto the ears of poor unsuspecting spaniels. At only 5 months old, Fig has settled well into office life, as she undoubtedly adopts the motto “Work Hard, Play Harder”.

You’ve met the line-up, now all’s left to do is decide who is your favourite, then head across to our Facebook and VOTE for your winner!

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