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We’ve teamed up with Niki, from Blooming Niki to bring you another ‘Guest Blog’ and some handy tips on styling the classic Chelsea boot. Niki, mum of three teens, is from the beautiful, rural Herefordshire and can often be found hiding from the ever growing ironing mountain and instead scrolling the internet looking for that next item she needs.The classic Chelsea boot has been around since Victorian times - a trusty accessory for Queen Victoria who used them for horse riding to the 60’s when a certain Liverpool band made them a must have boot, they have been around for a long time, and now it’s time for me to show you how I’ve styled them with my outfits.

Fairfax & Favor are well known for their amazing boots (amongst other items), be they long, midi or short & when they asked if I would like to choose a pair to style I was immediately drawn to the classic Brogue Chelsea Boot in a deep rich chocolate brown; perfect for those autumnal days (and any other) and of course styling up.

The detail on these boots is amazing - a fabulous bright contrast of orange, making the boot just that little bit extra & the logo detail on the back of the boot too! Of course they need to also be comfortable as well as stylish, and believe me when I say wearing these is like relaxing in a pair of slippers.

Chelsea Boots with jeans and a jumper (or shirt/tee) is of course a staple for pretty much everyone, an easy, smart & casual outfit and one that will take you everywhere - what’s not to love.

They also look fabulous with a floaty skirt and I have the perfect one to go with these boots. I love how it keeps the outfit on the casual side, but still with an added extra. 

Lastly dressing them up a little - again super simple but the boot changes the feel of the dress and vice versa. I honestly love this look so much and will be wearing it again and again.

I couldn’t be happier with these gorgeous boots, which are now a staple of my wardrobe and everyday wear.  How do you style yours?

Niki xx


We’d like to thank Niki for putting together this great style guide to our new Brogued Chelsea's.Take a look at Niki's website for some more inspirational pieces.

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