A Q&A with Rachel Culverhouse

A Q&A with Rachel Culverhouse
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by Rachel Culverhouse,

First Published: 1 Jun, 2023

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A Q&A with Rachael Culverhouse

‘What made the show for me was the excitement of a community coming together’.

A sense of ‘community’ is what we strive for at Fairfax & Favor, which is why it is so important for us to not only include our customers in our marketing, but also give back to our customers through a range of exciting monthly competitions.

Introducing Rachael Culverhouse who has been a loyal customer of Fairfax & Favor for three years, and now works alongside us as an ambassador to produce high quality content that helps us show case our products. We sat down with Rachael for a Q&A on all things Fairfax & Favor, including her first experience of the brand and what she hopes to see from us next.

Rachael Culverhouse

‘Hey! I’m Rachael I’m 31 years old from Northamptonshire. I’m very passionate about the outdoors and don’t let the fact I mobilise in a wheelchair stop me exploring the great British countryside. My ideal day is exploring the countryside on a horse and finding a beautiful little village pub for a pint. My main hobbies are drawing and playing Wheelchair Rugby for Northamptonshire Saints.’

Fairfax & Favor products:

1. When and how did you first discover Fairfax & Favor?

I first became aware of Fairfax & Favor after visiting a local stockist in 2020. I had actually gone to the stockist to try on and purchase an alternative brand of footwear. However, due to having a high instep I couldn’t get my foot in, fortunately the lovely sales assistant introduced me to the Explorer’s that have a zip all the way down! Unfortunately for my bank, a lot of accessories and other shoes were also available from the brand!

2. Over the years our collections have grown, what was the first product that you purchased and why was this the first product on your Wishlist?

My first Fairfax & Favor purchase was the Chocolate Regina’s in narrow fit. It is such an elegant shoe, and being available in three fits allowed me to have the perfect Cinderella moment! I love its regal appearance and its buttery soft texture - I was torn between chocolate and tan, and I have to admit there was only 24 hours between my first and second purchase.

Rachael Culverhouse

3. Do you have a favourite Fairfax & Favor product? If so, why is this your favourite and is there a reason why you reach for this time and time again?

My favourite product has to be the Loxley Backpack, I love the size and security it provides. I find having a high-quality leather backpack means it is hard wearing. Backpacks are an essential for me, with being a parent who uses a wheelchair as I can carry that extra bit more around with me! It looks fabulous on the back of my chair, and I love the locking feature and combination of leather and suede together.


4. Last year was the first year that we were back at all our favourite shows post covid, what was your favourite show?

My favourite show last year was the Game Fair! The atmosphere on the stand was incredible and the staff were so accommodating to my friend Michelle and me - how could I forget the incredible gin on offer as well! What made the show for me was the excitement of a community coming together, different Fairfax & Favor fans were building each other’s confidence up by complimenting how one another had styled their Fairfax & Favor items! There was also fabulous staff helping advise on what items would complement what outfits.

Rachael Culverhouse

5. Fashion is at the forefront of a lot of these big events, do you have a Fairfax & Favor product that you always reach for, at a show like the Burghley Horse Trials?

For show days it has to be the classic Regina! It just goes with everything and makes an outfit! Especially with all the colour options available to achieve the ultimate coordination outfit goals! In my opinion it’s one of the most iconic shoes created by Fairfax and Favor and can always be spotted around show grounds.

6. The shows are significant for us as a brand as this is where we started, knowing this how do you think that we represent this with our stand experience?

The stand creates an experience, not just a sales stand. The team are dedicated to help find the perfect style and fit. They provide a wealth of knowledge about the products, and you can tell how passionate they are about them. The atmosphere on the stand is from the community that Fairfax and Favor have created online and from the shows. Having Familiar faces such as Co-founding directors Felix and Marcus interacting with everyone really shows that the consumer is at the forefront of the brand.

Rachael Culverhouse

What do you hope to see from Fairfax & Favor next?

I’d love to see a pair of Croc ankle boots or tall boots! Absolutely obsessed with the conker colour it’s so rich and dreamy. I’d love a pair of shoes to match!

Rachael Culverhouse

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