Women's Purses

A statement bag isn’t complete without a statement wallet to match. From cute coin holders to elegant travel wallets, there’s something here with your name on it.

The Ashwell - Women's Purse - Conker Leather The Ashwell - Women's Purse - Conker Leather
The Chiltern - Women's Coin Purse - Melon Suede The Chiltern - Women's Coin Purse - Melon Suede
The Salisbury - Women's Coin Purse - Tan Suede The Salisbury - Women's Coin Purse - Tan Suede

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Women's Purses

When you’re curating a polished ensemble, details matter. So pair your favorite Fairfax & Favor purse with a wallet to match – whether it’s a chic Chiltern coin wallet or a gorgeous leather and suede Salisbury Travel Wallet. Or, if you’re looking for a wallet that’s not too big, not too small, but just the right size, the Mini Salisbury is your friend. For those seeking a wallet that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and elegance, look no further than the Mini Salisbury. This stylish companion boasts just the right size, providing ample space for your essentials while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated silhouette.
Each design showcases our commitment to quality and style, ensuring that every detail of your ensemble is flawlessly curated. Let your accessories make a statement and add that final touch of refinement to your look. With our women's wallet, you can effortlessly complete your polished aesthetic and exude confidence in every step you take.

How should I protect my Suede Accessories?

Treat your Suede Accessories with either Suede & Nubuck Protector once a month or Liquiproof Premium Protector every couple of months. We advise spraying the Suede and Nubuck protector lightly and sparingly from at least 30cm away and leave to prove for an hour. Alternatively, if you are using the Liquiproof Premium Protector, apply sparingly section by section on the material, brushing it in with a soft brush until the suede has been completely covered.

How should I protect my Leather Accessories?

Treat your Leather Accessories with Renapur Leather Balsalm once a month to stop the leather from drying out, hardening and cracking. Leather is a natural material and needs oil/moisture to keep it soft and supple. Use a sponge or brush and work the cream into the leather.

How should I store my Accessories?

We advise storing all your beloved Fairfax & Favor products away from heat, damp, and direct sunlight. Where it is possible, please store your accessories in dustbags and the blue box received.

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