The Game Fair is Back!

The Game Fair is Back!
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by Ben Buxton,

First Published: 6 Aug, 2022

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Blue skies, an array of white trade stands and a sea of people as far as the eye can see – this can only mean one thing… The Game Fair is back, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

A trip down memory lane

The Game Fair

Before we dive into this year’s show, we first want to take you for a little trip down memory lane. We don’t like to dwell on the past, but we think it is important to highlight the significance of The Game Fair for Fairfax & Favor, and why this specific show has enabled us to go from strength to strength. Year-on-year at the tail end of July, our entire team gear up to put on a fantastic show - to date we have had a 3-metre stand, a 6-metre stand and monumentally we had a 9-metre stand in 2015. We soon realised that the steady growth of our stand was synonymous with the growth of our customers. From this point onwards we made a pact that our show stands where no longer going to be just a retail space, they were going to be a curated experience. Bringing it back to the present, we are proud to say that at this year’s Game Fair we put together our biggest show stand to date, measuring an unmissable 24 metres.

As we fly our flags

As we fly our flags

Our flags had been erected, our mats had been delicately positioned and most importantly our displays had been replenished. After weeks, if not months, of preparation our stand was open and ready to welcome back our loyal customers with open arms.

This year, we had one goal and one goal only, the show must be better, and dare we say more memorable, than previous years. Cue a couple of returning favourites, this year’s show would not have been complete without the return of our friends at Twelve Keys Gin and Danny our in-house magician. If you did not visit us at this year’s Game Fair, unfortunately we are unable to describe or disclose any of Danny’s magic tricks...however, what we can say is that he brought a whole lot of magic to the stand.

From returning favourites to a couple of newcomers. Whether you attended the show or not, one of our new features for 2022 was difficult to miss…the flower wall. We were so happy to see so many of you utilising our flower wall, whether you were capturing the moment for years to come or planning to enter our best dressed competition, we think it’s safe to say that the eye-catching centerpiece was a massive hit. From entertainment to our products, there was one product that was the star of the show. Introducing not just a new edition to the Game Fair, but a new edition to the Fairfax & Favor family– the L’Alliance Wellington.

Fairfax & Favor x Le Chameau: L’Alliance


"We decided to team up with the iconic welly brand Le Chameau, for an epic alliance of timeless and limitless values. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we named this new product the L'Alliance" - Felix Favor Parker.

This partnership was built on the great synergy of two brands – we. Fairfax & Favor, believe that we share the same ethos as Le Chameau - to make timeless, high-quality products that also add a touch of style to your wardrobe. Like all the best kept secrets, it was hard to keep this collaboration under wraps for such a long time, and it is safe to say that we nearly let the cat out of the bag a few times … excuse the pun! However, when the time came to launch L’Alliance, we couldn’t think of a more fitting place than at this year’s Game Fair.

When we envisage the Game Fair two things spring to mind: first, the atmosphere and buzz created by its attendees and second, the country heritage of the show. The Game Fair truly is a celebration of the countryside, which is why it made perfect sense to bring our customers a product that combined practicality and, in true Fairfax & Favor style, a little bit of luxury. What made this unveiling even more exciting, was that the L’Alliance Wellington was only available to purchase from our stand at this year’s Game Fair. We wanted to create an exclusivity and, perhaps, a little bit of suspense! If you visited our stand over the long weekend, we can confirm that you were one of the first people to see the collaboration. This takes us to a very important part of this show, you, our loyal customers.



Before we dive into your Game Fair highlights, we would firstly like to thank you for your continued support. For a lot of our team and on behalf of our co-founders also, we can vouch that one of our favourite parts about the shows is meeting you. Whether you swished onto our stand or left with a blue box of your own, we hope that we were at least one of your Game Fair highlights this year

We asked and you delivered, see below a few Game Fair highlights courtesy of you!

@farmerboy_cookie_ - "The great hospitality on your stand, the gin was great"

@staffordshirecountrygirl - "Seeing the beautiful stand and the new collaboration"

@katherinelouisewhite - "My new wellies from you guys"

@ellie_pacey - "The amazing, limited edition purse"

@beth_leath_ - "Buying my first pair of tan Regina boots, they fit like a glove couldn't be happier"

@evie.toombes - "The atmosphere at the Fairfax & Favor stand"

The Team

The Team

To finish we wanted to share a few words from our team, first up we have Stu a vital part in this year’s show. We asked him what he enjoyed most and here’s what he had to say.

"Coming back to the Game Fair was an absolute delight for me and our team, it was great to catch up with old customers and introduce new ones to the brand. It was great to see the show and our stand so busy throughout the entirety of the Game Fair and we are looking forward to its return in 2023"

Stu (Show Manager).

And because we want you to hear it here first, we also asked one of our co-founding directors – Marcus Fairfax Fountaine, what we can expect from next years show:

"We are just so happy to be back at the shows after a two-year break. It was so lovely to see you all, we really tried to make The Game Fair an amazing experience for all our customers, and I think it was a huge success. Next year you can expect us to be doubling down on The Game Fair Experience as you know we always like to keep things fresh. Watch this space"

Marcus Fairfax Fountaine.

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