The Fairfax & Favor Team Trek for Breast Cancer

The Fairfax & Favor Team Trek for Breast Cancer
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by Natasha Parker,

First Published: 15 Nov, 2022

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Fairfax & Favor is passionate about fighting Breast Cancer. Not only do we raise money for Breast Cancer Now with our signature pink caps, tassels, and even boots, but as of this year we have an inspiring Breast Cancer Now ambassador, Laura Hughes, who shares her story with the world via her blog and as the face of our Breast Cancer Now Campaign.

In 2022, Fairfax & Favor are delighted to announce that a total of £88,245.12 has been raised for Breast Cancer Now!

So, inspired by the Fairfax & Favor fundraising efforts, it will come as no surprise, we hope, to hear that some of our customers wanted to get more hands-on in the fight against Breast Cancer.

In fact, four Fairfax & Favor customers flew all the way to Marrakech and hiked a gruelling 50kms in a fundraising adventure that tested their limits, and more importantly...

They raised a grand total of £6,539 for Breast Cancer Now!

The Idea for the Fundraising Trek


Where does the story begin? Well, one of our wonderful customers, Gaynor, also happens to be the director of an award-winning adventure travel company that, amongst other things, organises fundraising trips to unique corners of the globe. Gaynor saw the funds raised by Fairfax & Favor so far and reached out to Felix to see if any of the wonderful Fairfax & Favor community would be up for an adventure with Tribal Tracks in the name of fighting Breast Cancer!

As it was the first trip, Gaynor and Felix decided to test the waters with a small group and a short, weekend trek, but they have more adventures in the name of fundraising in the pipeline, so watch this space.

How It Works


The idea is for each member of the adventure to set up a Just Giving page asking friends and family to sponsor them on the trek. The journey is not an easy feat, with 50km to cover in just one full day and two half day hikes. It is a tough route, summiting four passes with 2,792 metres of ascent in total, and with a route that barely drops below 1,800 metres above sea level.

Originally, there were five Fairfax & Favor team members signed up. Between them, they raised the unbelievable £6,539 and soon it was time to put themselves to the test and start the hike. Sadly, Trudi had to drop out at the last minute to look after her precious dog, but she had done the most important part: raising money to fight Breast Cancer! Now it was up to the other four to represent Fairfax & Favor in the mountains.

How It Went


Well, we hate to boast (no we don’t! Not about our team at least), but our Fairfax & Favor ladies absolutely smashed it. And by ‘it’, we mean Tribal Track’s previous record pace for the 50km route.

In case you aren’t impressed already, the previous record pace was set by a larger team made up of ex-international rugby players. Our small, nimble team came in just under their hiking time, and had a joyous time doing it.

Day 1: Flying into Marrakech and The First Trek


The adventure started with the team – made up of Annelies Richardson, Robyn Catterall, Ashley Clarke, and Sarah Guest – flying into Marrakech with Kate, their Tribal Tracks Leader. From there they were transferred to Imlil in the High Atlas where they stopped for a quick lunch before meeting the local team and starting their trek. Their first trek was 12km from Imlil to Tachddirt, over a high pass, where the Moroccan team had set up their wild camp for the night.

Meet the team.

Oh, did we not mention that the ladies also had to wild camp? No climbing into a bath/ tub to ease their aching muscles at the end of each day! They weren’t complaining, however, as the campsite sat in a spectacular location at the head of the Tachddirt Valley, and they enjoyed delicious food created by the talented Moroccan team before having an early night.

A magical view and a well-earned meal.

Day 2: The Hardest Day, but also Frank!


This was the long, tough day, with roughly 27km and two high passes to cover, along with well over 1,000 metres of ascent. As Annelies, Robyn, Ashley and Sarah, along with Kate and their local Moroccan team, trekked out of the Tachddirt Valley, they were treated to spectacular views, and their route wound through walnut groves up and over Tizi n Aguiersioual – the Aguiersioual pass, standing at 2451m. Our Fairfax & Favor ladies also kept the local team amused by building up a friendship with the accompanying mule, who they nicknamed Frank!

Meet Frank.

After lunch, in Aguiersioual village (named after the pass), the team began the ascent of pass number two: Tizi n Oudit. The scenery was very different here, with red soil and squat juniper bushes, but it was every bit as spectacular, and finally Frank and his trekkers descended into a steep valley where their camp had been set up near a lovely river. Despite the more intense day, everybody was running on adrenaline, so they enjoyed more delicious food and sat around the campfire for a while talking into the night.

Some incredible scenery, and a steep decline to a peaceful river.

Day 3: A Day for Feasting


The team left camp early, pacing themselves on the impressively steep approach to Tizi n Mzik, the last pass they had to take on. From the top, they could see Imlil and the end was in sight! The final stretch almost seemed too easy, and they were welcomed by a Moroccan ground crew who had prepared an absolute feast for lunch. After a sad farewell to Frank and the team, the jubilant trekkers were transferred to Marrakech (where they finally had a shower!).

Keen not to waste a second, they hit the town for a slap-up meal and a few drinks, and spent most of the evening reliving their adventure and quite rightly congratulating themselves.

Day 4: Time (Shops) for All Women


The ladies somehow managed to fit in a tour of the souks (a bazaar), a last minute lunch, and even an impressive amount of shopping before their flight home… clearly their time with F&F has given them an appreciation for grabbing the moment to shop whilst you can!

And on to Future Adventures


We caught up with Annelies, Sarah, Robyn and Ashely after their return home. We personally love the idea that our team can fundraise for the causes we all care the most about whilst also challenging themselves and experiencing something new, but we wanted their opinions on potentially doing something like this again. Luckily, the ladies made their thoughts on the matter very clear!

“If in doubt, do it! Everything made so easy for you so you can really focus on the trek itself. Can’t recommend enough.”

“My trek with the team at Tribal Tracks was life-changing. The High Atlas Mountains have some of the most amazing views for miles. The distance we covered was just outstanding and something I never thought I could do, but with an amazing team behind me, I got to the finish. The team at home and on the hike are there for you, all you need to do is pack, train and show up at the airport, and everything else is taken care of. I met 3 strangers at the airport on a Friday at 4 am, and by Monday at lunchtime, I had some amazing friends and memories I will never forget.”

“Teammates: everyone cheered each other on and encouraged each other! We just seemed to click together really well, looked out for each other, shared snacks and other things. Throw a group of people up a mountain and by the end of day one, you know each other so well and have bonded so much! I think it also helped that Kate, the Tribal Tracks leader was so friendly and bubbly, so we all just got on really well.”

“It was amazing and the whole crew were fantastic. The team deserves a big thanks for looking after us so well. I am so proud I did it!”

Don’t forget, you too can raise funds for vital charities like Breast Cancer Now. And if you do, we would love to follow your journey - so be sure to tag #fairfaxandfavor in your stories!

Who will take up the challenge next, we wonder?

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