6 Of The Best Things To Do Near Marlow This Christmas

6 Of The Best Things To Do Near Marlow This Christmas
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by Natasha Parker,

First Published: 7 Dec, 2022

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6 Of The Best Things To Do Near Marlow This Christmas (Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, England)

A list of incredible experiences within 40 minutes of our Fairfax and Favor store.

It’s official: Fairfax & Favor have opened a new store in Marlow, just in time for Christmas, and it is filled to the brim with magical surprises. And, as usual, we are here and ready to provide you with a list of some of the best things to do near our store.

Marlow happens to be in a particularly beautiful part of England, right in the heart of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. It has been a struggle to cut the list of things to do down, but in the end, we limited ourselves to activities and experiences that are less than a forty-minute drive away.

Our new store!

1. The Fairfax & Favor Marlow Store

Great for: a Cinderella-level wardrobe glow-up, celebrations with friends, being waited on hand and foot, tassels and trainers. Treat yourself!

This brand-new Fairfax & Favor store leans into the magic of Marlow and sits right at number 7, Market Square. With our signature blue framing the doors and windows, the shop looks rather like a giant Blue Box… one where you can step inside, and the presents are all lined up and waiting for you.

Pets are incredibly welcome, and humans are allowed in too! Our team loves to spoil customers, and people have already been coming from miles away to browse our range in time for Christmas.

Top Tips: Make an appointment. There are so many excellent VIP benefits when you do. And as long as you book it over 72 hours in advance, we can ensure that we have the items you want to try on in every possible size.

Accessibility: The shop has only just opened so we are still working on wheelchair access, but our team is always on hand and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that all customers feel welcome. There is plenty of parking barely a few minutes from the store. Do let us know if you have any special requirements when you make your appointment.

Fairfax & Favor Match: For once, we won’t suggest an F&F match… as you are more than likely to find the love of your life in store.

Windsor Castle

A glimpse of the teeniest tiniest turret… there’s a lot more to see in person.

2. Windsor Castle

Great for: history buffs; shiny things; men in red; audio guides; expanses of velvet, Britishness.

As the world's oldest and largest occupied castle, the only reason Windsor Castle is not at the top of our best things to do in Berkshire list is that we are clearly biased towards our own store.

But sadly, our Fairfax & Favor Marlow store has not been home to over 40 monarchs (yet), nor does it have gold-encrusted ceremonial rooms; state apartments filled with some of the finest works of art from the Royal Collection; St George’s Chapel; a Moat Room; or the Changing of the Guard to admire. So perhaps we’ll call it a tie.

Windsor Castle hosts over 400,000 visitors a year, and it makes for a fun and educational day (really, give yourself at least three hours and expect to want more time). Then it is a quick 26-minute drive to Marlow… fancy that.

Top Tips: Avoid half terms and other major holidays if you can. Book your tickets in advance online, as they let you visit more than once on the same ticket. The Changing of the Guard generally occurs on Thursdays and Saturdays just before 11:00, but check the British Army Website for an updated schedule.

Accessibility: Visitors to the castle consistently express that the Windsor Castle staff go above and beyond to provide comfortable access to everyone, and there are lifts everywhere. Parking is the only issue, so it would be best to arrange a drop-off if possible.

Fairfax & Favor Match: Windsor Castle has seen the most extravagant sides of British fashion over the years, but the Royal Family has more recently shown a preference for effortlessly classy, slow-fashion items that are made to last a lifetime. You won’t feel out of place in our tan suede Frances Trench Coat, especially if you pair it with a tall pair of Brompton boots.

Santa & the Elves

Photos: Lydia Cugudda and Naomi Wooller representing F&F with Santa and his elves.

3. Lapland UK

Great for: putting a twinkle in your child’s eyes; many, many elves; gingerbread decorating; toy making; the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner, and you want to visit our brand new Fairfax & Favor store in Marlow with your significant other so that they can catch you gazing wistfully at our new Plum collection. Why not give your kids a chance to hint at their dream Christmas presents at the same time? Combining Lapland with the Fairfax & Favor Marlow store is the ideal ‘Wish List’ day for the whole family.

An immersive experience based on ‘an original re-imagination of the Father Christmas’ story, Lapland UK invites children to help the elves in their toy-making and gingerbread decorating; travel through secret doorways and enjoy story time with Mother Christmas; explore the Elven Village and perhaps even ice skate; and finally, meet Father Christmas and see their names on his ‘Good List’. And this Father Christmas and his elves consistently get the most positive feedback from children around the UK… so perhaps he is the real deal?

Top Tips: Lapland is expensive. Christmas generally is! Be sure to make the most of your day and get there early for your slot. Amex is not accepted at the moment. Wrap up warm! Take note of your car park name, or you may never leave the land of Christmas.

Accessibility: The elves at Lapland have all of the right levels of Christmas spirit, including a keenness to go above and beyond to ensure that all children feel welcome. Ear defenders, sensory bags, changing facilities… even access to the ice skating rink in your wheelchair is possible. However, the terrain at Lapland is outdoorsy and a little rough. Check out their Accessibility Guide and get in touch if you have any questions. And although it is sold out for this year, check out Lapland’s ‘Superstar Day,’ which is specifically adapted and tailored to children and adults with additional needs each year.

Fairfax & Favor Match: You certainly need a pair of Explorers for this adventure. You’re going all the way to the North Pole, after all!


Photos: Sara Eccleston, Kitty O’Dea, and Annabel Willis looking fabulous in our finery.

4. Ascot Racecourse

Great for: an excuse to wear modern art on your head, beautiful horses moving at high speeds, spending money in the hope of winning money.

A day at the Ascot Racecourse must be what the ideal ‘grown-up life’ looked like when you were five years old… and it seems pretty fabulous now too. You dress in your finest hats, suits or gowns, Fairfax & Favor shoes and handbags, and get a group of similarly glamorous friends together to eat, drink, and bet on horses whilst you keep an eye peeled for celebrity or royalty cameos in the crowd.

After all, there is a reason that when somebody says, ‘I went to the races,’… most of England thinks of Ascot. The annual race meeting in June is a defining moment in the British social calendar and has been since Queen Anne founded the racecourse in 1711.

Although the Royal Ascot meeting in June was always Queen Elizabeth’s favourite event, Ascot hosts 25 race days a year and brings something unique to each one. The next one is the ........................., which takes place on Friday 16th and Saturday, the 17th of December, 2022. There will also be fair rides and other seasonal treats along with the usual horse events.

Top Tips: Get the train. It is easy and well-organised and solves the issue of who doesn’t get to try the Pimms and the occasionally tricky parking.

Accessibility: Ascot does have a comprehensive Accessibility section on their website, including Accessible Parking, Free Carer tickets, Wheelchair hire, facilities and other assistance. However, due to the sheer number of people attending the races, accessible spaces can fill up quickly, and chaos can ensue. Give yourself extra time for each part of the day.

Fairfax & Favor Match: Every aspect of your outfit at Ascot is likely to undergo scrutiny, but luckily our Epsom heels are more than up for the challenge. These dainty heels have a pointy toe and gold snaffle detailing, and even come with a detachable ankle strap with a Fairfax & Favor buckle.

Theatre Royal Windsor

Image: Theatre Royal Windsor.

5. Theatre Royal Windsor

Great for: being the sugar that helps the medicine go down, all the fun for all the family, Basil Brush in a performance of Sleeping Beauty?

England has a long and passionate history with pantomimes — a kind of theatre where the audience is invited to participate in the production and go as far as shouting at the principal actors and where slapstick comedy is a large part of what stands between the protagonists and their happy ever after. Our beloved Queen Elizabeth II starred in a Windsor Castle wartime production of ‘Aladdin’, playing Principal Boy.

So it will come as no surprise that the Theatre Royal, a gorgeous little Edwardian theatre nestling in the shadow of Windsor Castle, is a fan favourite for Brits throughout the year. It can boast of A-list actors such as Sir Ian McKellen, Ian Glen and James Cordon over the years and showcases an impressively vast repertoire of productions with everything from comedy to spoken word, dance, musicals and even thrillers. The plush red velvet seats and crystal chandelier décor don’t hurt, either.

Top Tips: Book an ‘on the stage’ seat if you want to get right in on the action. Check out their online digital brochure here for a better idea of what to book.

Accessibility: Accessible seats are available, as are companion tickets. Audio-described performances usually take place on the last Thursday matinee of each production, assistance dogs are welcome if end seats are free, and BSL-interpreted performances happen occasionally. Best of all, the theatre hosts Relaxed Performances, adapted for individuals who would benefit from an environment where the traditional ‘rules’ of theatre are relaxed.

Fairfax & Favor Match: Going to see a panto is all about having a good time with the people you love. There is absolutely no point wearing anything you aren’t 1000% comfortable in. However, a pantomime is still an excuse to leave the house and dress up a little. Throw on a pair of flat Belgravias in tan suede, and you can go as dressy or as casual as you like and still look fabulous.

The Rebellion Tap Yard

Image: The Rebellion Tap Yard

6. The Rebellion Tap Yard

In a swift swerve away from the historical and even whimsical suggestions in this blog, we’ve come to close our list of ‘the best things to do in Berkshire’ back in Marlow with a local favourite: the Rebellion Beer Brewery.

Visit the Tap Yard to enjoy their full range of beers, which couldn’t get much fresher as they are literally walked from the brewery to you. You’ll find yourself amongst a mix of local beer drinkers, hop enthusiasts, and curious tourists staying nearby (such as at the ...............), and you will be spoiled for choice regarding snacks and drinks.

Expect beers with names like Counter Attack, Roasted Nuts, and Smuggler, as well as monthly and seasonal specials you may see during one visit and not the next. The staff is brilliant, no matter how busy, and the beer is consistently excellent—a perfect way to wind down after a day of adventuring around Berkshire.

Top Tips: Plan to stay overnight in Marlow or arrange a taxi home, as you will likely want to taste more of their beers than you expect. Be sure to keep track of your favourites as they also do a wonderful delivery service.

Accessibility: The Tap Yard is pretty accessible but we are following up to confirm whether Rebellion Beer has any other disabled access processes in place. With a team like theirs, we are sure they do.

Fairfax & Favor Match: The Rebellion Tap Yard is plenty cosy, but if you’re the sort of girl who likes to snuggle up in a stylish sort of duvet whilst she taste tests beer… you just can’t beat the Charlotte longline coat, especially in the lead-up to Christmas.

That’s it… for now!

We have endless other suggestions, but we thought we’d stick to a few favourites to start with. Do send through your own ideas of the best things to do near Marlow, and even better your own images of Fairfax & Favor items strutting around having adventures in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

We’d love to see and share them: our customers are our greatest source of inspiration!

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