Hannah Brook Lawson's SS21 Review - Zebra Collection

By Hannah Brook Lawson

Hannah Brook Lawson's SS21 Review - Zebra Collection
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by Hannah Brooke Lawson,

First Published: 30 Sep, 2021

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As the world is beginning to open back up again, we caught up with Hannah Brook Lawson to find out her thoughts on our new Zebra range from our SS21 collection.

When the email dropped into my inbox inviting me to write a blog on the SS21 collection I could hardly contain my excitement. I opened up the attached document to peruse the new additions to the family and swelled with joy. There wasn’t a moment's hesitation as to which item(s) I’d like to review - it just had to be the Zebra collection.

There are several reasons for my joy at seeing a full page spread of delectable zebra print F&F products. Firstly, because how could you not!? They look amazing in the photos and if possible a hundred times more scrumptious in real life. Secondly, after finding out I was pregnant back in 2019 …. God what a lifetime ago that seems! I decorated my unknown baby’s nursery with all things safari related. The safari theme, in particular zebras and zebra print, had already gone beyond the nursery by the time F&F’s email pinged. I had a plethora of outfits I knew would work well with the new babies. I’m talking about F&F’s Zebra Haircalf collection, obviously.

It was a few weeks before the new arrivals dropped on my doorstep and I could hardly wait for the DPD man to take a picture of my unswept doorstep before I whisked the rather larger box away to be unceremoniously stripped. Beneath the brown wrappings sat several beautiful navy blue and gold trimmed boxes. Like spring eggs waiting to hatch. One by one I slid open the classy navy boxes. How can a shoe box look that good!!?? And there were my little baby zebras. I’ve Googled the name for said creatures and am still none the wiser as to their official noun but it doesn’t really matter because MY GOD it was love at first sight.

I’ll start with the Mini Windsor Zebra Handbag because that is my favourite. I love all my stripy babies but this dinky gem is my numero uno. I shall tell you why. Firstly, its size is just adorable - cute yet practical. The Mini Windsor just works so well in Zebra Haircalf. This is a super covid and Mummy friendly bag; I could fit my purse (F&F obvs), phone, face mask, lip balm and a few baby accessories, although I tried to keep those to a minimum!! Seriously, any Mums out there thinking of treating yourself then don’t hesitate. I’d forgotten what it was like to have the luxury of my own handbag. Since becoming a Mum I now lug around a rucksack full of nappies, wipes, bottles, muslins, changes of clothes, pouches etc etc. So to have my very own Mum bag (in a cool way not a frumpy way!) was just so lovely.

The Mini Windsor adds something to any outfit you pair it with. I went from a muddy wax jacket to shorts and a tee to a dress. She’s versatile too owing to the fact she comes with a long leather strap, you can sling her across your body, over one shoulder or use the cute handles for a more Legally Blonde look. You really get bang for your buck with her and the amount of compliments I got whilst strutting around was so wonderful. If I had to pick only one SS21 product she would have a home with me forever.

Talking of versatility, the Henley Zebra Haircalf is at home on the banks of the Thames sipping Pimms paired with a floaty summer dress as it is with a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt. They’re classy and understated with just a nod to F&F with a little gold shield detail towards the heel. I love how you can punch up an outfit just by slipping your feet into these beauties. Similarly, the Monaco Flat Haircalf can be dressed up or down but I would air on the slightly more casual side of smart with these being an espadrille style. For a super summer beach look I would pair them with some ripped denim shorts, a loose white tee and a big pair of sunglasses or if you’re wanting a slightly more chic look, a pair of cropped black linen culottes would look amazing with the Henleys, Monacos or the Brancasters. Comfort isn’t a question with these or indeed any of the Zebra haircalf range, just imagine your feet slipping into butter soft leather and you’re there.

I’m quite particular about sandals as I’ve worn too many ill fitting ones in my time and have suffered the consequences of blisters for days after. I’ve never worn the F&F Brancasters before but am aware of the huge cult following they have so I was intrigued to test them out. Needless to say, they are absolutely gorgeous and I was won over instantly. The Zebra haircalf works so well on the Brancasters and can be worn to glam up a spring dress or thrown on with a pair of jeans for a slightly more bracing day at the beach. Either way you wear these, they will add an extra ‘oomph’ to your wardrobe. I didn’t get a picture of me wearing the Brancasters due to the lack of pedicures my sad little feet have received in the past year, thanks Covid! Be warned the Brancasters will attract the attention of more than one admirer so do give your toes a lick paint before stepping out in them. I would strongly advise a red polish to draw the eye to your gorgeous new footwear, that way you’ll be blushing from head to toe with the amount of compliments you’ll receive. Oh and did I mention the adorable mini tassels on the heel - just divine!

Last but by no means least is the Sennowe belt, this little beauty will work so hard for you I’d add it to your basket without a hesitation! I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve looked in the mirror and felt my outfit has needed an extra something to pull it all together. The Sennowe does exactly that. All the above outfit styles I’ve suggested would look super polished with the Zebra haircalf belt. From giving your waist definition in a summer dress to finishing off a casual jean and tee look, I can’t stress to you how much you’ll love and wear the Sennowe belt. In for a penny, in for a pound I say, you won’t regret it.

One last tit-bit before I shut up and leave you to add all the Zebra collection to your F&F basket. I had just dropped my darling daughter off at nursery and limped my car on vapours to the nearest petrol station. I was having one of those days; I’d been up in the night with said darling daughter, I’d woken late and hadn’t had time to shower let alone put make-up on. So when I got to the till to pay for my fuel and rather large bag of chocolate mini eggs (it had to be done) I was beyond elated that the cashier complimented me on my outfit. When I say outfit, I solely mean my collection of F&F Zebra products I’d thrown on in a desperate attempt to look like a presentable Mother. “Oh my gosh I LOVE your bag. I love the new Zebra stuff by them [Fairfax & Favor]” she said. To which I stepped back to show off the Henleys. “Ah, no way! I’m so jealous. They look awesome. Oh I’m definitely going to buy those next pay day.” She said, to which I screamed (because I’ve become terribly awkward in social situations since lockdown) “You go girl! Oh and whilst you’re there check on the Sennowe belt” I said as I lifted my top to show her my flabby midriff. At that moment, with several disgruntled, balding, fat, middle-aged, white van drivers huffing and puffing behind me, I felt great. The cashier lady was so happy to have had a conversation more complex than ‘what’s your reg and mileage?’ And through the masks and perspex, life felt normal just for one split second.

If you’re a Fairfax and Favor admirer I strongly advise you to follow their Facebook page. It’s seriously nuts the love and dedication some followers/owners go to! I also love the genuinely kind and supportive nature of the group. They’ll help you with decisions on outfits, colour choice and everything else in-between. Whilst you're there check out the storage facilities some of these clever ladies have created - some are almost like shrines!

One thing is for sure with the Zebra Haircalf collection, you’re bound to receive so many compliments you’ll never want to take them off!


Hannah X

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