What’s in the bag?

What’s in the bag?
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by Ben Buxton,

First Published: 21 Jul, 2022

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Have you ever wondered what everyday essentials people carry around in their most trustworthy bags? Wonder no more. We asked four people to delve into their beloved Fairfax & Favor bags to see firstly, what everyday essentials they need to get them through the day and secondly, to see how much you can truly fit into our bags.

If you have found yourself shamelessly watching Vogue’s highly addictive ‘In the bag’ series on you tube (who wouldn’t want a sneak peek into the bags of some of the most influential celebrities) then this is the blog for you.

Continue reading for a deep dive …literally, into some of our most sought after and best-selling bags. Whether you are looking for some insight on how much you can fit into one of our Finsbury Cross body bags or looking for the perfect bag for work or a jampacked day with the family, we have you covered.

The Windsor Backpack

Starting with the highly regarded Windsor family, we have our practical yet stylish Windsor Backpack that sits proudly in our core range. With a bag that radiates practicality in both size and style, we turned to Katy Uttridge (@thespottydiaries) to see why her Windsor backpack is essential to her everyday routine.

Windsor Backpack

Katy Uttridge – "Currently on maternity leave and a mum of 4, I always need to have a bag full of essentials with me. However, I don’t always need to take a big bulky changing bag with me on every dog walk or quick trip out… that’s why I adore my Windsor backpack. The Windsor backpack with its adjustable straps, leaves my hands free to run and play with my children, but it is also big enough for me to make sure I have all the essentials a mum needs (I have four children this is not my first rodeo!).
The real bonus is that its luxurious, unique, and stylish unlike the atypical ‘mum bag’".

So, what do I normally have packed inside?
"My water bottle, a muslin, a spare nappy (a necessity), children’s snacks, dog poo bags (I am a mum of four, plus the dog), hot wheel cars, A dummy x3! Lip-gloss, sunglasses and a Ipad (depending on the occasion)."

Katie Utteridge

The Finsbury Bag

Next up is the Finsbury Crossbody bag. Known for its versatility, this bag is available in a range of different colour ways, from our timeless classics, tan and navy to a couple of newcomers for Spring/Summer 2022, Mango and Cornflower. As the name suggests this crossbody bag is perfect for special occasions and events, but its practical crossbody strap also makes it the ideal bag for a day on the go. Lucy Kent (@lucyekent) talks us through how her Finsbury bag is a go to for her work life as a model.


Lucy Kent – "As a busy model, the Finsbury bag is by far a favourite for me when I’m on the go with jobs and castings! I love that I can wear it cross body making it easier to access when I am on the move. The Finsbury bag looks beautiful from the outside but really ticks all the boxes on the inside as well. It gives me all the space I need for all my day-to-day essentials without having to carry around a massive bag".

So, what do I normally have packed inside?

"Everything from my keys, phone, diary, and purse fit so well. I even have space for my hairbrush, some make up, sunglasses and hand sanitizer. In the practical small inside compartments, I have my smaller essentials like my nail file, mints, and USB stick (my USB stick is to show clients my portfolio when I go to castings)."

Lucy Kent

The Burford

As far as tote bags go the Burford ticks a lot of boxes. The Burford does not just stand out for its exquisite suede and leather finish, it also may be one of the most generous bags for both space and accessibility. The Burford can be utilised for so many different occasions, it’s both a perfect work bag, but also the perfect leisure bag, for a day at the beach or a picnic with the family. Heidi Mercer (@theserialoverdresser) explains why the Burford has become a staple piece in her everyday wardrobe.


Heidi Mercer – "Without a doubt my go to daytime bag is always a tote, being a working mum of three my life is always spent multitasking and my bags must contain everything I need for the perpetual ‘juggling’ act. I was recently lucky enough to receive my first Burford tote and ‘wow’ what a perfect bag!"

"The straps are comfortable both on the shoulder and over the arm freeing up my hands and there are two useful compartments and a phone slot inside.
The size is generous without being excessive and the bag closes itself with a clever little magnetic feature which neatly closes the sides together."

So, what do I normally have packed inside?
"My Ipad, a charger, my phone, pens (notice the plural on pens, I am never confident that I have one with me, so adding a new pen to my bag each day has become a bit of a habit), perfume, my purse, my make up bag, hand sanitiser, water, keys, snacks and last but not least…a pack of top trumps".

Heidi Mercer

The Mini Tetbury

To finish we have a new addition for Spring/Summer 2022, the Mini Tetbury. Do not be fooled by its miniature size, like the classic Mini Windsor, this new addition combines all the much-loved features of the full size Tetbury in a quaint miniature form. Fashion Content Creator Charmaine hungsm (@charmainehungsm) explains why she will be reaching for her Mango Mini Tetbury this summer.

Mini Tetbury

Charmaine Hungsm – "As a Fashion Content Creator on Instagram, I am always on the go, so I need my bags to be small and lightweight, with the ability to hold a few essentials. The Mini Tetbury is just perfect for this, firstly the mango colour is so cute and summery – I personally love wearing colour. Secondly, it’s also very easy style, it literally goes with everything, it’s not just a summer bag, it can definitely be worn every season."

So, what do I normally have packed inside?
"This little bag can fit quite a lot, whenever I am out, I pack my wallet, my favourite sunglasses, my key holder, my phone, a hairbrush, hand sanitiser, tissues, a lipstick, eyelash glue and a phone charger. I like that I can bring everything I need with me in the Mini Tetbury and still be left with space for anything extra. The bag is crafted from beautiful soft suede, the quality is amazing and it’s made to last a long time."


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