The definitive guide to suede, nubuck & leather care


We all need a little TLC to keep us as good as new, and your beautiful new Fairfax & Favor investment is no different.

We want your #blueboxdelivery to last a lifetime - whether it's handbags or purses, boots or shoes - all suede and leather needs to be cared for properly. In taking the time to care for your suede or leather items, they'll keep looking their best and develop character.
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Looking after suede & leather items begins when they're lovingly crafted by hand. Our leather & suede items are treated at factory level, but, by remembering to look after them once you've used them will make sure they stay looking their best - with suede that'll be Suede & Nubuck Protector, and leather, use Renapur leather balsalm.

Leather is a natural product, with character that will develop over time. With our footwear, make sure to wear them in around the house on a soft surface to make sure they're just right! They'll stretch and mould over time for that perfect fit.

But, don't clean them in the washing machine, please! Remove dried dirt or marked fibres using a soft suede brush, brushing in the direction of the suede or grain of the leather. If the material is still dirty, use Liquiproof Eco Cleaner on light marks but dilute it heavily in warm water. If your leather & suede pieces get wet, leave them to dry naturally and brush afterwards. If anything else gets onto your product (like a wine glass accident), soak it up immediately and then wipe over with a lightly damp, neutral-coloured microfibre cloth.
Remember, always read the directions of the care product, and test on an inconspicuous area first!

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Store your beautiful boots, shoes, bags and accessories away from heat, damp and direct sunlight. But don't use plastic bags please (they stop the product breathing!). Our dust bags have been made to size, to stop crushing your beauiful product, so use them wherever possible! For our tall boots, you can also use our Boot Bag when travelling!

Where possible, store your items in their box, and away from artificial sources of heat (like an AGA!) as this can cause the leather to dry, harden and crack.


Sometimes our products need a little extra care based on what sort of item it is. Follow our product by product guide for different care tips to help maintain their lifespan, and keep your choice pieces looking tip-top!


Once you've used them a bit, you can treat your them with either Suede & Nubuck Protector (spray from a foot away at least and leave to prove!) once a month or Liquiproof Premium Protector every couple of months – more often if you’re wearing them a lot. If you're not sure, always test on an inconspicuous area first.

Store your beautiful footwear pieces away from heat, damp and direct sunlight - and don't leave to dry by the AGA! Where possible, store them in their dustbags and blue box, to keep them looking fresh and avoid anything affecting the colour!

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You can use them straight away, but, if you want to keep them looking in tip-top shape, then, once they've had a wear or two, you can treat your them with either Suede & Nubuck Protector (spray from a foot away at least and leave to prove!) once a month or Liquiproof Premium Protector every couple of months for suede – more often if you’re wearing them a lot - or Renapur leather balsalm for leather. If you're not sure, always test on an inconspicuous area first.

If you’re using Liquiproof Premium Protector, apply sparingly section by section, brushing it in with a soft brush until the suede has been covered.

Then, if you need to store them, for Mid-Calf and Tall Boots, we recommend using Boot Trees to fill out the calf, maintain their original shape and prevent ankle creasing. Where possible, store your boots in their dustbags and blue box, and use a Signature Boot Bag for extra protection when travelling - your boots will thank you for it!

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Clean dried dirt or marked fibres on suede using a soft suede brush, brushing in the direction of the suede. With leather, clean marks with a neutral-coloured microfibre cloth and leave it to dry naturally. Remove mud and dirt immediately to stop moisture being drawn from the leather.

Store your beautiful item away from heat, damp and direct sunlight. Where possible, store it in their dustbags and blue box! We've made both of these true to the size of the bag in question, so they have enough room and won't be squashed! Stand the bag upright, and don't use the handles to hand (this might stretch them!)

If leaving for a long time, make sure to empty the bag, then cover zips or straps to avoid them imprinting or making a mark on the body of the bag!

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Suede Clothing

If you're not wearing, then store away from heat, damp, and direct sunlight. Keep hung on a broad hanger. If the Frances becomes wet, let it hang dry out of the wardrobe. Once dry, rub over with a light sponge to smooth and level out the pile again.

Don't try and clean in the washing machine please! But Dry Clean only using Green Earth/Siloxane.


Sometimes our products need a little extra cleaning and care - but not in the Washing machine please!

How do I clean my suede & leather products?

With suede - leave any dirt to dry, and then use a soft suede brush to remove the dried flakes.

With leather - get any mud or dirt off as soon as possible to stop it drying the leather out!

Reguarly air both, and don't try and force dry either - so keep away from direct sunlight or artificial heat sources, and this will dry the material out!

Use a leather cream or conditioner every couple of months (we recommend Renapur for just this!).

Clean spots, marks and stains as soon as possible!

Don't allow them to get wet wherever possible - if it's wet, then leave to dry naturally and brush once dry.

Brushing against products will be abrasive in nature and transfer colour - so make sure your products don't rub against the same surface reguarly!

Our Warranty & Repairs Service

At Fairfax & Favor we take great pride in the craftsmanship of our products. Sourcing fine materials and manufacturing to the highest standards to deliver premium products that are fit for purpose. In the eventuality that a manufacturing fault occurs, all of our products come with a generous 18 month warranty from the date of purchase. Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, misuse, and unauthorised repairs are not covered by the warranty. Your statutory rights are not affected. Proof of purchase will be required.
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Within 18 Months

In the unlikely event that your item suffers a manufacturing defect, within the 18 months, please get in touch with our team on who will assist you with your repair under warranty.

We believe all products should be used and loved, repaired rather than replaced. We are active in avoiding Landfill waste and will always attempt to repair before a replacement is offered.


Outside Warranty

We are pleased to announce that The Boot Repair Company has entered into a strategic repair partnership with Fairfax & Favor. As part of this partnership, they will be providing you with a premium repair services for any out of warranty repairs or alterations on our exceptional lines of boots, shoes, coats, and bags.

“We take great pride in our craftsmanship and are honored to have been selected as Fairfax & Favor's trusted repair partner. Our team of skilled craftspeople are committed to delivering the highest quality repairs, ensuring that each item is returned in top condition”

To book in your repair please visit:

for any other queries, please contact our warranty team on