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by Charlie Cooke,

First Published: 6 Apr, 2018

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Exactly one year on from our adventure in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, we headed off on our next epic convoy as we fled the icy remains of The Beast from the East and journeyed toward the shores of Menorca for our latest photo shoot. It was the sunshine-dream - sun, sand, sea and the subtle clicks of a camera.

Sadly, our excitement was washed away by dark skies and monsoon rains the moment we touched down. It was not what we had planned for. Alas, the show must go on. So, with plenty of chopped wood and a rather disheartening number of roll-neck knitted jumpers on display, our amazing team of fifteen headed to a rather baltic ‘summer’ villa, lit fires in every room and revelled in the fact no great adventure ever has ever gone to plan.

Flying straight into the first day of location scouting, we had one mission and one mission only: to find the perfect prop. This weird treasure hunt of ours has become a tradition that can’t be ignored, one that has thrown up some incredible props in the past; characters like Pollo the Cocker Spaniel and Tarzan the Moroccan camel. Of course, we had to up our game; we had to find someone with a pinch more pizzazz. Luckily, the universe came to our aid and we finally caught wind of a horse not far from where we were, just down the road in a neighbouring village. All our Christmases had come at once. He was a Fresian stallion with the name Bird Song and he was magnificent. So magnificent he was hired there and then.

Our SS/18 campaign was set, with the location, models, photographers and props officially good to go. We do however, have a little secret to share: the camera told a few lies. While it might look like a glorious summer’s day on a breath-taking island in the Mediterranean, in reality it was a chilly 9 degrees with added wind chill.

Day two, the heavens open up once again… a total washout. Thankfully, we’d nailed the beach shots already, and so it was time to call on our dear-old friend, Plan B, which meant retreating to the picturesque town centre of Mahon, where we were treated to the sanctuary of a quaint boutique hotel. The collective sighs of relief from both the team and the models suggested it was a welcome break from the golf ball raindrops. The hotel featured charming courtyards sporadically filled with fruit-bearing orange trees, beautiful balconies handcrafted from stone. And so, after a monumental 6-course brunch courtesy of Hotel Jardi de Ses Bruixes, the team was once again fuelled for a mid-morning nap. Kidding.

Come the final morning, each of us had our fingers crossed for sunshine and splendour. Actually, we had everything crossed; fingers, legs, arms, toes, feet, eyes, ears, everything. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. In fact, it seemed to work against us because what was initially forecast as light showers and bursts of sunshine turned out to be a tropical rainstorm. Not ideal. Nonetheless, in true British-style, the troops marched on armed with Fairfax & Favor umbrellas, the ladies Boudica and men’s Trafalgar. After all, what’s a summer holiday without the odd torrential downpour?

And so, with the entire team soaked through to the skin, boots filled to the brim and clothes more soggy than a bath time sponge, we called it a wrap on our Spring Summer 2018 photo shoot, and what a blast we had. You can see it all for yourself when we launch this campaign at the end of April, along with our next blog, lots of behind the scenes gossip, a little intro to our incredible team and, of course, what goes into each Fairfax & Favor adventure.

Watch our Spring / Summer 2018 teaser video below, to give you an idea of whats to come. Enjoy!

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