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by Felix Parker,

First Published: 7 Oct, 2019

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On the of 23rd July 2019, Brothers Billy and Charlie Aprahamian embarked on a 1000-mile cycle ride to raise money for the construction of a new Sensory Room for disabled adults at Home Orchard Care and Support for Adults with a Learning Disability. Beginning at the northern tip of Italy’s Lake Maggiore, located on the south side of the Alps, and ending at Home Orchard in Chudleigh, Devon.

This incredible challenge was done with their sister Harriet in mind. She was born with an unknown learning disability and moved into Home Orchard’s care home 6 years ago. Home Orchard’s ethos is very much based on enabling people to be as self-managing as possible.

The brothers say the care home quickly became her new favourite place and they wanted to say thank you in some way for the support it has offered both Harriet and the family.

The new Sensory Room is designed to help with relaxation and de-escalation for people with autism. It can also be used for people with emotional and behavioural difficulties, sensory processing disorder, or other special needs. Something that will be a huge benefit to all at Home Orchard.

Fairfax & Favor thought this was a brilliant cause and one with such a powerful sibling bond at its heart. We were happy to donate £1000 of the raised total of £16,731 helping them to surpass their £15,000 target. A big congratulations to the Aprahamian family!

After the ride, the brother’s got in touch:

“The support from Fairfax and Favor was a real turning point during our early fund raising, it can be a struggle to get these things off the ground sometimes, but when a brand like F&F responds so generously to the cause it really gives you a boost; both financially and mentally. Thanks a lot Fairfax & Favor!”

"I must thank you guys on your overwhelming contribution, it was extremely generous of you to donate so much to our cause. The sensory room will help Harriet and the rest of Home Orchard so much with their daily struggles. Thank you Fairfax and Favor!!"

You can watch how the boys got on here:

You can read more about Home Orchard Care Home for Disabled Adults here:


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