Rockingham Roundup

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by Charlie Cooke,

First Published: 1 Jun, 2018

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After months of tireless preparation, boy-oh-boy, were we ready. The Fairfax & Favor Rockingham International Horse Trials are finally underway, and as if by magic, somebody even managed to organise a whole weekend of glorious sunshine, hurrah!

So why Rockingham? Could it be the stunning historic location complete with remarkable Medieval Castle, or perhaps, the Great Park’s vast expanse of speculator countryside? The truth is, for years Fairfax & Favor and Rockingham have shared not only a strong working relationship, but a fabulous friendship too, crowning the Horse Trials as one of our most favoured events in the show calendar by a country mile.

In light of this momentous occasion, we thought it rather apt to celebrate our new partnership with the Rockingham clan in true Fairfax & Favor fashion - a drinks party, well of course!

But hold your horses, before the first ‘pop!’ of the Prosecco cork was to be heard, we had a full day of hosting to cram in; and what better way to start proceedings than a VIP slap up breakfast and tour of the Castle for 20 wonderful guests, led by knowledgeable host and super whizz historian, James Saunders Watson.

Next on the agenda: a guided course-walk with Fairfax & Favor supported rider: the vibrant, young up-and-coming Eventing superstar Bubby Upton. It was an utter treat for our VIP guests to receive a personal fence-by-fence lowdown straight from the horse’s mouth (pun not intended) as we were all guided very enthusiastically around the impressive CIC** course - thank you Bubby.

After a scenic march around the course, it was about time to take the weight off our feet and utilise the fantastic facilitation from a full day of hospitality. With a full spread of delectable delights, combined with ample fizz and blazing hot sunshine, I would say our guests were more than content.As five o’clock rolled around and another day of class competition drew to a close, champagne flutes at the ready… it was kick off for the Fairfax & Favor Drinks Party. We were thrilled to welcome an abundance of guests- close friends, family, bloggers and fellow trade stands to enjoy a glass or two (or three) of fizz in the beautiful sun-blessed grounds. To top it all off, the one-and-only pro Nico Morgan was playing paparazzi, snapping away to capture those memorable moments - were you spotted?

The whole team at Fairfax & Favor would love to say an enormous thank you to everybody who supported our first official sponsored Horse Trials. We had an absolute blast and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. And, news just in - we are due to do it all again next year, so save the date for the Fairfax & Favor Rockingham International horse trials, take two!

Photography by : Nico Morgan

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