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by Charlie Cooke,

First Published: 30 Sep, 2021

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Introducing Marlie, one of the newer and undoubtedly the wrinkliest member of the Fairfax Four Legged Friends. Marlie is a 4 year old Shar-Pei who was rescued last year. She can be a bit of a stubborn diva, but loves cuddles and lots of attention. She can often be found waddling around the warehouse looking for someone to fuss her or snoozing on the stock shelves.


Introducing Marvellous Mabel the Jack Russell Terrier. Although this is the first year Mabel has entered the competition, she will be a familiar face to anyone who has visited a Fairfax and Favor stand in 2019, as an official member of the show team. When not manning the stand, or supervising the warehouse, Mabel spends her downtime yearning for tennis balls, and working on her puppy dog eyes, which have seen the successful transition from cage to bed, and from dog food to fillet steak. However, don't let the pampered pooch act fool you - Mabel is as equally at home in a muddy field as she is keeping the chaise longue warm.


Allow me to introduce: Amber!
Known to her friends (so, everyone) as Bam Bam, this adorable golden Working Cocker Spaniel just wants to be YOUR best friend! You'll spot her in our catalogues, on our website, even on her very own billboard outside our Holt store! When she's not working though, her very favourite thing to do is zoom around the garden with her office pooch pals and demand fuss and cuddles with the Fairfax and Favor team. With her spotty nose, floppy ears and that playful look in her eye, every visitor is guaranteed a great, big Bam Bam welcome!


Pippa with the good hair! Pippa is well known for her natural doggy highlights, which are always envied by dogs and humans alike. She loves nothing more than lie ins on the weekend, long walks on the beach and a sneaky bit of morning toast! Since her last Crufts competition she has tried her paw at picking up on shoot days. However, she has decided she much prefers being in the office at Fairfax & Favor, and with a personality as big as her Spaniel ears, she never fails to make people smile!


Oscar is a 4 year old Sprocker Spaniel. The funniest and happiest dog you could ever meet, he doesn’t just wag his tail constantly but does an entire body wiggle. Famous for his ‘top tuft’ which has to be trimmed regularly so he can see where he’s going. His favourite place to be is picking up in the shooting field with his pack.


Meet Jake, the two year old chocolate lab and a new face to the Fairfax and Favor family. We are sure you all agree he is a very handsome boy with a personality full of life and love. You will find this clumsy character in the Customer Service office bin eating everyone’s left over lunch. His playfulness brings joy and smiles on just about everyone’s faces! Jake loves to go for a swim in the lake and enjoys coming to work most days of the week, but there is nothing he loves more than to sleep under the duvet with his huge head on the pillow!


From a Kill Shelter in Romania to the HQ of Fairfax & Favor, a huge difference for one year of her life!

Tallulah is a Labrador / Collie which can be seen by her Labrador nose, pointy ears but fluffiness of a Collie.

She loves nothing more than cuddling, zoomies, learning tricks & giving kisses. You can tell Tallulah has been in the room, by the trail of fluff that follows her around – no cushion, sofa or office chair is safe from her fluff!

This new member of HQ has been shown so much love since arriving in the UK 7 months ago and we are sure she will continue to feel the love from her first ever competition with Fairfax & Favor.


Peanut is a familiar face in the F&F offices. He is a 7 year old Chug (Chihuahua cross pug). He maybe the smallest member of the F&F Doggy family but he’s certainly not the smallest in character! He loves nothing more than being on someones lap having a fuss made of him!


Meet Digby. The founding member of the Fairfax & Favor canine family. A happy office doggy who lives for his squeaky tennis ball. His management status means he spends most of his day attending lots of important meetings, when he is not in the boardroom you will find him relaxing on his owners desk, waiting for a fuss! His bright green eyes and little pink nose ensure he will make anyone fall in love with him!

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