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Size & Fitting

Size & Fitting Advice
UK/ EU/ US sizing
How do I fit the Calf of your boots?
How do I zip up the Tall Boots?
Tell me about the different calf fits
I can’t get my foot in – what should I do?
The Calf feels too tight!
How do I change the tassels?
Do you do custom boots?
The Boots Feel too Long!

Care information

How do I care for my suede boots and shoes?
How do I care for my suede bag?
How do I care for leather boots and shoes?
How do I care for my leather bag?
How should I store my items?
How should I clean my items?
I’ve lost a screwback from my tassel!
How do I care for Nubuck?
How do I care for the Haircalf?
Should I treat the Toscana Gilet?
Should I treat the wool gilets?
How should I care for the Charlotte?
How do I look after the Canvas?
How should I care for or clean cotton?
What should I know about Leather and Suede?

Our Trusted Partners

We know that things can happen to our much loved products, even with the greatest care. If something should happen out of warranty, then please see below to get in touch with one of our trusted partners, who's workmanship has been approved by Fairfax & Favor.

Boots & Shoes: Busy Bee Newmarket
Boots & Shoes: Original Cobbler
Handbags: The Handbag Restoration Company