The Savannah

Step into the wild with our Savannah Safari Jacket, a fusion of rugged safari-inspired charm and refined elegance. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this jacket by Fairfax & Favor is a testament to adventurous spirit and timeless sophistication.

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The Savannah

The Savannah Safari Jacket features an array of functional details, including multiple pockets for storing essentials and a belted waist for a customisable fit. Its lightweight construction and breathable fabric make it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, whether exploring the wilderness or navigating urban jungles.
Pair it with tailored trousers and leather boots for a chic safari-inspired ensemble, or layer it over a flowing dress for a touch of rugged elegance. Wherever your journey takes you, the Savannah Safari Jacket promises to elevate your style with its timeless appeal and adventurous spirit.

How should I store my clothing?

Store away from heat, damp, and direct sunlight. Keep your item hung up on a broad hanger. If your item becomes wet, let it hang dry out of the wardrobe before you put it away.

How should I clean my clothing?

Not in the washing machine, please! Specialist Dry Clean only using Green Earth/Siloxane.

How can I care for my clothing?

Please note: We currently do not recommend any products for regular care of our Clothing & Apparel.

For the care of our Suede & Nubuck Outerwear, you may use Suede & Nubuck Protector in a very light mist from at least 12 inches away & do not concentrate in 1 area.

For further information, please see our Ultimate Care Guide and the individual Care Details on the page for each of our products.

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