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22nd of March 2023 is World Water Day

We've partnered with Greenspark to offset our CO2 Emissions - as part of our partnership we are working with Plastic Bank to reduce plastic pollution and transform plastic waste into empowering income.

In just 7 months we have become one of Greenspark's top 10 plastic rescuers - With 63,000 plastic bottles rescued from the oceans.

This is equivalent to:

Learn more about the work done here

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But... We want to do more...

How you can help

We, and Greenspark, want to remove 20,000 bottles from the ocean today!

For every review left on the Yotpo Platform, we will rescuse 2 plastic bottles in your name - Greenspark have then pedged to double the total amount of bottles rescused on top!

Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset

We'd love to hit this target, so leave us a review, and help us rescue even more!