These are the world’s most fashionable travel cities to visit

by Leanne Coppock,

First Published: 15 Jan, 2024

As we settle into the year 2024 the opportunity of new places to visit presents itself.

To help you decide upon the ideal location for your next trip, we've gathered data to reveal what the top city breaks across the world are in 2024 for fashion enthusiasts

As we settle into the year 2024 the opportunity of new places to visit presents itself. Already city breaks are proving to be a popular choice, 158,200 people worldwide have searched for city breaks in the past month alone.

Visiting major cities has the benefit of combining a history of culture and arts, with most destinations offering plenty of shopping choices. If you are a lover of fashion you may take pleasure in exploring cities which are steeped in fashion history, you may also be looking for a city break which promises style inspiration from its residents and picturesque places for your travel look photos.

To help you decide upon the ideal location for your next trip, we've gathered data to reveal what the top city breaks across the world are in 2024 for fashion enthusiasts. We reviewed the most popular fashion cities in the UK, USA and globally based on search interest for transport links (flights and trains), hotel searches, online fashion articles mentioning the cities, Pinterest and Instagram data. Take a look at which cities scored highly below.

Top Global Cities for Fashion Travel

London scored highest in our travel index, with a score of 62 out of 100 points for its fashion travel credentials. The birthplace of many fashion trends and a location which is an ever evolving muse to fashion designers, the UK capital proved a popular destination. London scored highly for searches for flights, Pinterest and Instagram engagement and its volume of mentions across fashion media articles online. A trip to London promises lots to see and do so it's recommended to allocate several days to tick everything off your list. Popular areas for fashion enthusiasts include Carnaby Street in Soho, Oxford Street, Camden, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge and Chelsea. Spend a few hours exploring and you’ll find a broad spectrum of style inspiration by perusing the stores and taking note of locals street style.

In second place was Paris, which scored 52 out of 100 and is another renowned destination for historic fashion with one of the world’s most notable fashion weeks. The French capital  is respected for its historic fashion houses and more recently has become a hotspot for street style inspiration, sparking millions of hashtags on Instagram and searches on Pinterest each month. Paris boasts a mixture of exclusive and accessible clothing stores, the area around Champs-Elysées hosts a range of stores from high street to high end and is a perfect spot to add to your list.

New York ranked third in our global index with a score of 53 out of 100, listing top out of cities in the US. The city tied with Paris but received fewer social media engagement and holiday searches worldwide versus the French capital. Of all cities compared, New York receives the most fashion media press by far, with nearly 10 million articles mentioning the city online. New York city hosts the most celebrated fashion week in America and has long established respect within the fashion community. The city offers a diverse range of locations for stylish sightseers to visit, the island of Manhattan being most notable for housing The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which hosts The Met Gala each year, amongst many other fashion tourist spots. More casually adorned street style can be found in fashionable district Brooklyn, head to Dumbo to check the iconic skyline photograph off of your list. Be sure to wear some comfortable boots if you visit as you will surely be covering a lot of ground walking.

US cities Las Vegas and Miami also made the top list, alongside Dubai to complete the top five destinations. Each has its own ties to fashion, whether that is a large variety of shopping malls and stores or high engagement online to provide style inspiration to others. The US proved popular in general as several states made the top 10, with Chicago and Los Angeles additionally making the list.

Top UK Cities for Fashion Travel

London scored best for fashion travel in the UK as well as globally. This is hardly surprising given the city's history of fashion influence, but some of the other top cities which made the rankings proved how diverse and far reaching fashion inspiration across the UK can travel.

Manchester came in second place and is a city renowned for its industrial heritage. Famous for its textile and cotton manufacturing, the city has evolved over decades and remains as relevant for its fashion inspiration today as ever before. Manchester received the most online fashion articles mentioning the city and the most monthly searches for hotels outside of London. From the tailored attire of Spinningfields dwellers to the youthful attire of the Northern Quarter creatives, there is much fashion influence to be taken from residents of the northern city. Manchester is also perfect for shoppers, boasting a range of luxury stores in the city centre and further afield, such as the Trafford Centre.

In third place is Bristol, a city well known for its creative industries with styles to suit. The city is a popular place for students and young professionals alike, promising some modern and expressionist street style looks to take inspiration from if you visit. Cardiff was the top Welsh destination to visit for fashion enthusiasts and both Glasgow and Edinburgh topped list rankings for Scotland.

Top US Cities for Fashion Travel

Across the US, New York scored highest for its fashion credentials. As already cited, the city generates a huge volume of interest across the internet with almost 10 million articles online.

Miami ranked second, with a score of 61 out of 100. Miami did beat New York for its Instagram influence, scoring highest of all US cities for fashion posts on the social media platform. Not only a great destination for shopping and luxury purchases, but the city also promises sunny skies and warm temperatures as an added bonus.

Las Vegas came third in the list and whilst perhaps surprising to some it beat Los Angeles, the city scored highly for its large volume of online fashion media mentions, flight searches and pinterest searches. The Vegas strip is a destination like no other, allowing holidaymakers to explore the unique hotels which all have different themes. The large hotels offer a range of entertainment, dining and shopping experiences to guests, with many housing luxury clothing and accessory brands as a standard feature for guests.

Some other cities included in the top 10 were Nashville, Chicago and Atlanta, proving the broad range of US destinations that can provide style inspiration.

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How did we get this information?:

List of major cities across the three location categories were sourced from Wikipedia - UK, USA, Worldwide. Five ranking categories were used to determine the popularity of each city as a travel destination for fashion interest. The categories were Instagram posts(data from Instagram using each city plus ‘style’ or ‘fashion’ hashtags to gather volume), Pinterest average monthly searches(data from Pinterest searches worldwide), Google average monthly searches for flights/trains and hotels(data from Semrush), number of online fashion articles mentioning each city (data from Ahrefs monitoring each city mentioned + ‘fashion’ worldwide across all indexed media news sites online). From the scores across each category, an index was created to score each category out of 20, leading to each city receiving a combined score out of 100.