How to Find Tall Boots Which Fit Correctly

by Charlie Cooke,

First Published: 11 Mar, 2024

At Fairfax & Favor we understand the importance of finding the perfect fitting tall boots. The over the knee boot and knee high boots are both quintessential footwear styles with instant star quality that are highly popular from season to season.

Today we’re offering advice on how to find tall boots which fit perfectly in order to help you make the most of your favourite boots and so you can feel confident in choosing a pair that is right for you.

Worn with skinny jeans and dresses alike, the versatile tall boot is an effortless outfit enhancer that is a much loved footwear type among modern ladies all over the world.

Ill-fitting boots not only have the potential to ruin the look of an outfit, but they can also be extremely uncomfortable and even painful! You can purchase the most stunning pair of over the knee boots, but if they dig into your calves or pinch your ankles, they’ll no doubt be relegated to the back of the wardrobe, never to be seen again. To reduce the risk of this happening, let’s take a look at how to find tall boots which fit correctly and that you can take pleasure in wearing every time.

Measure your calf size

Whilst it’s obvious that you will be selecting the correct normal shoe size for you when it comes to purchasing brand new tall boots, to get the ideal fit all the way up the leg, you’ll also need to be mindful of calf sizing. Many knee high or over the knee boots will come in different calf widths and are specified in their labelling or product description. You may find calf widths labelled as sportingwide, narrow or regular, so it’s key to find out which size you are in order to ensure the best fit for you.

To do this, take a soft fabric measuring tape and measure the circumference of each of your calves at the widest part. Always use the larger of the two measurements to find out if you will need to opt for wide, narrow or regular fits. You can also refer to any available sizing charts regarding the brand of the boots, and even read up on reviews of the product to see if others find that the sizing tends to run large, small or just right to give you a better idea on the fit.

The Regina

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Focus on the material

Whether you’re looking for an irresistible pair of premium leather over the knee boots, or knee high suede boots, being mindful of the type of material they are made from can also prevent discomfort over time from a bad fit. For example, real leather naturally stretches and softens over time simply due to wear, whilst synthetic fabrics tend not to provide much give. If you’ve found that your calf size borders closer to regular than wide, the regular fit in leather boots could be a safe option taking into consideration the possible stretching over time with each wear.

Try on boots with an extra layer

It’s particularly important in the autumn and winter months to try on your new tall boots with high socks. This will avoid the boots potentially feeling much tighter, especially on the calves, due to wearing a thicker layer underneath in chillier weather. Thin ankle socks or regular socks may be fine, but if you’re wearing a longer pair, it’s always a sound idea to double check that they won’t interfere with the comfort of your tall boots. Similarly, we would recommend trying on the boots with skinny jeans or leggings tucked in as this extra layer of fabric could make all the difference between the boots feeling nice and flexible or a little too tight.

Check ankle fit

As one last step, definitely double check the fit of the boots around the ankle as this is where a lot of discomfort can occur if you’re caught out with bad sizing. No one wants blisters or sore ankles from their brand new luxury boots! Your boots should feel snug in this area, but not too tight as this will impact on flexibility when walking and can cause unwanted pinching.

To summarise, when it comes to finding tall boots which fit correctly it is crucial to properly measure your calf width and choose the right fit to ensure that your boots will accommodate your legs comfortably. Consider the material of the footwear and bear this in mind when selecting the right size for you as the calf fit of them may change over time. Don’t forget to try the boots with an extra layer such as knee socks or jeans on, and check on the ankle that they aren’t too snug for a more accurate overall fit.

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