Chippin makes group payments effortless by providing an easy, convenient payment solution for all involved.

It’s free to use and is perfect for making group gift purchases – Chippin takes care of the whole process from inviting contributors to tracking and managing the purchase to completion.

So if you’re looking to surprise a friend or family member with a wonderful gift that they have always wanted – be it a pair of Regina boots, the Windsor handbag, a pair of Mayfair loafers or The Cadogan travel bag – why not share the cost with others and let Chippin manage the entire process.

How it works

Find a gift

Customer makes an online purchase as normal.

Add some friends

At checkout, customer uses Chippin to invite friends and family to contribute.

Invite them to help

Chippin's messaging system contacts their invited contributors direct.

Share the cost

Contributors decide if they wnat to chip in to the purchase. More may be added.

Monitor progress

Progress of contributors is tracked over time.

Share the love

Transaction completes when the calue if the purchase is met.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel a Chippin?
You can cancel a Chippin at any time by just clicking the “Cancel your Chippin” link on the Chippin pages.
Can I add more people to contribute once the Chippin has started?
Yes. Just click on the “Add contributor” from the Chippin progress page.
Can people choose how much they contribute?
No. Contributors are asked to accept or decline the amount that you have set as their contribution. If someone asks you outside of the process to change the amount, then you will need to cancel their invitation and invite them again with the agreed amount.
Can I start a Chippin for more than one product?
Yes. The Chippin will automatically allow you to split the cost of the entire basket.
More about Chippin
For more information about Chippin, please visit https://chippin.co.uk