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Fairfax & Favor are happy to announce that we have joined The Country Food Trust’s growing community by signing up to their ‘Key Supporter Scheme’. The CFT describes themselves as a charity food producer who concentrate on making protein-based food to donate to organisations that feed people in need. Funded entirely by individuals, companies, shoots, trusts, etc. the charity has built up a countryside community with a great cause behind it.

One of the ideas we at Fairfax & Favor were most impressed by is their dedication to changing the recurrent rural problem of wasted game birds such as pheasants from game shooting.

The Country Food Trust’s ‘Going Local’ scheme involves co-ordinating local shoots, game dealers, transport, and charities in order to reduce the amount of wasted game in countryside shooting. CFT’s research into food poverty showed that charitable food donations typically tend to contain very little meat or protein. They came up with a delicious solution to this problem by creating two pheasant-based meals to distribute to the hungry; ‘The Country Casserole’ and ‘The Country Curry’. By converting a problem of food wastage into a solution for food poverty the CFT successfully kill two birds with one stone…so to speak. 

Being part of the ‘Key Supporter Scheme’ involves paying an annual subscription fee of £750.00 which helps The Country Food Trust to increase the number of people they are able to feed. Since their inception, they have produced over 320,000 meals with a target to feed 1 million people in their first five years.

The Country Food Trust got in touch with us:

 “Thank you so much to Felix Parker and his team for all your support and generosity and it was great to meet Ben Buxton and the team at the Game Fair. It is thanks to supporters like you that we have managed to provide over 320,000 meals using game to people in food poverty.”

(The Country Food Trust’s Devon Ambassador Lynn Jaffa modelling her new Fairfax & Favor Regina Boots at The Game Fair!)

You can read more about The Charity Food Trust’s work here: https://www.thecountryfoodtrust.org/

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