With the British eventing season well underway, and Badminton Horse Trials around the corner, we caught up with Fairfax & Favor brand ambassador Abi Boulton of Tic Toc Eventing to gain her top tips and insider advice for winning trot up style. 

Practicality comes first and foremost

“My best advice for someone who is dressing for a trot up for the first time, is to remember the reason why you are at the trot up – for the horse” confides Abi, the youngest competitor and best under 25 to ride the CC14* at The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2015, debuting at just 20 years of age. “If you focus too much on what you are wearing, it’s incredibly difficult to ensure you are trotting up the horse to the best of its ability, a situation you must never find yourself in.

Items of clothing I would avoid for trot ups are tight skirts as they can restrict movement. Thin high heels are also a no go as they are so difficult to run in and a recipe for disaster!”

Choose an outfit that is appropriate and more importantly comfortable

“The fashion element of the trot up continues to become more and more popular. Through the networks created via social media, the audience reach is now vast which gives riders such a fantastic chance to showcase sponsors products which is incredibly important.”

Fashion favourites keep the nerves at bay

“I’ve no idea why but I get ever so nervous ahead of trot ups, I find them unbelievably nerve-racking but it really helps to be able to wear pieces from my favourite designers. If you feel happy and comfortable in the clothes you wear, it makes you feel much more confident.”

A great pair of boots are an essential investment

“My favourite trot up outfit is from The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2016 (pictured above). Here I wore my navy suede Regina knee-high boots by Fairfax & Favor – they are perfect for trot ups given their elegant style, durable sole and comfortable fit. The Fairfax & Favor Chelsea boots are great too, and if ever the weather is horrible, I will always turn to the waterproof Imperial Explorers.

Fellow British brand Holland Cooper have a lovely collection of tweed coats, capes and blazars which are smart and suitable for every occasion. They are the ultimate addition to any eventers trot up wardrobe.

No trot up look is complete without a subtle yet stylish snaffle clasp belt from Daltons. Team with your favourite jeans to compliment any outfit. And last but by no means least, I like to finish my trot up look by adding a flash of sparkle with some gorgeous pieces of jewellery from Hiho Silver.

I’m so grateful to be associated with such a wonderful collection of British brands, many of whom I’ve been a huge fan of for years.”

Don’t swap hay nets for fascinators!

“I’m pleased to only have one fashion faux pas to reveal, the blame for which I share with Tilston Tic Toc - known to many as Ben.  I decided to update my look and chose to wear a fascinator for a particular trot up. Ben took one glance and thought it looked rather tasty. The next thing I knew he was trying to eat it! Needless to say I’ve never worn one since.”

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