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Game on: Survive the final furlong this Christmas

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As we find ourselves nestled between Christmas and New Year, we edge tantalisingly close to the final hurrah of 2016. If work parties, festive drinks and the riotous revelry that comes with it hasn’t reduced you to a shell of your former self then in British terms we’d ask you to keep calm and carry on. Negotiate the last leg of 2016 in style with Fairfax and Favor’s guide to ending your action-packed year in a spirited fashion.

Rough Family Shoot 

The Rough Family shoot is a perfect excuse to gather your family for a day of relaxed sport. While a more organised day can often become an exhausting marathon of retorts and mickey taking, not to mention the pressure of actually managing to make an addition to the day’s bag, the family rough day is a more composed affair and an excellent method to burn off festive excesses. Or if you’ve suffered from a disappointing start to the season, a family clay day is a superb way for the whole family to brush up on their shooting skills. Your instructor will be able to quickly diagnose flaws in your technique meaning come 2017, shotgun associated shortfalls will be nothing but a hazy memory.


If you’ve sidestepped Christmas at home in favour of salopettes and two planks of composite carbon, you’re set for a seeing in an unforgettable New Year. Careering down mogul fields and carving tracks into fresh powder is the ultimate tonic to a hectic year and will leave you suitably rejuvenated and restored upon return to the British Isles. Providing you aren’t hell bent on setting up a semi-permanent residency at the Folie Douce, you’ll return with that coveted healthy Alpine glow.

New Year’s Eve Meet 

The New Year’s Day meet is something of a ritual for the hunting crowd and arguably there’s no better way to spend a bank holiday than leaping over fences and scrambling over the country aboard your (fourlegged!) best friend. This year, New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday so hounds will meet across the country on New Year’s Eve instead.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a fit horse of your own then a hireling can be a gloriously hassle free way to enjoy your day, with the stress of scrubbing up and boxing up your steed taken care of. If riding isn’t your bag, then you’re not excluded from the fun. Following on a bike, car or on foot will allow you to enjoy the spectacle of the hounds working as a sea of pink, black and tweed, (depending on the pack), streams by. Heading to a lawn meet? As a mark of respect to the host, foot followers should be suitably togged for the occasion, if you’ve asked the farrier for a new pair of Explorer boots this Christmas, striding out in them will ensure you’re suitably booted to scale wild terrain stylishly.

New Year’s Eve 

Whether you’re heading to a rowdy country bash or a city slicker knees up, ensuring you’re dressed to kill is a pre-requisite if you want to bag a kiss at the bells. Keep suede looking on point with a spritz of Nubuck and Suede protector or buff up leather with leather cream to ensure you’re polished and poised for the event. Avoid throwing red wine over your host’s carpet and make sure the lady or gentlemen you plan to lock lips with won’t cause a political pandemonium or you might find yourself relegated to the dog house for your evenings’ board and lodging.

Cheltenham Races New Year’s Day

New Year’s Eve can prove to be something of an endurance event but if you’ve still got something in the tank and are looking for a festive season flutter then Cheltenham Races on New Year’s Day is an unrivalled way to kick off 2017. Blow away the cobwebs induced by the previous night’s debauchery as the thrill of hot blooded horses hurdling through fences as they open-up to come home first distracts you from your heavy head. If you’re looking for some elegant footwear to don for the occasion, our Regina boots will keep your limbs looking as elegant as those of the finely bred horses parading in the paddock. Gentlemen, don’t allow the fillies to be lengths ahead in the sartorial stakes, sporting a pair of Mayfair loafers will ensure you’re hot to trot. If you’re going, be sure to share your photos and tag @Fairfaxandfavor!